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Monday June 21 – No Power

June 21, 2021

So much for CrossFit this morning. Power went out at 3:15 a.m. and I’ve pretty much been up since 3:15 a.m.
Considering I didn’t go to bed until after 11 since we had a tornado warning, I’m pretty tired. Guess I’ll do something else for exercise later today.

Our power came back on around 7:40 a.m. not too bad. LOTS still without. I headed to work and then ended up only picking up work to bring home since there was no power there. Worked from home until noon and then went into the office as power had been restored.

Ended up coming home around 4:00 p.m. so decided I would go ride my bike since we finally got it down and fixed it up. Well, that didn’t work too well as I couldn’t get the back brakes to adjust correctly. Either they rub on the tire rim or there are no brakes. Guess I need to take it to our “bike doctor”.

Decided since by now, there was only about 15 minutes until dinner I would just hope on the exercise bike. I ended up riding 3 miles. Not as good as if I had done CrossFit, but it will do for today.

Ended up walking 3 miles today so not too bad.

Hopefully back to the gym tomorrow.

April 4-13 Trip to Utah

April 13, 2021

Well, I headed to Utah for about 10 days. My oldest nephew Matthew was getting married. Small wedding only a few people due to many factors.
I missed going to CrossFit everyday but I did try to do workouts. If you’d like to see photos of my Utah trip and you would like to check out what type of workouts I did everyday, go over to my facebook page


Zooming from the Road

June 30, 2020

We are currently in Jackson, TN. An hour behind, so we are doing zoom at 4:30 a.m. instead of 5:30.

Who will be there this morning? Bob, Nikki, Grace and I.

General Warm-Up

Plate Warm-Up Sequence (we did hops without plates)
2 rounds
0:20 in and outs
0:10 rest
0:20 alternating feet side hops
0:10 rest
0:20 alternating feet forward hops
0:10 rest
0:20 single leg forward hops
0:10 rest
0:20 both feet side hops
0:10 rest
0:20 plank hand walk

Dynamic Mobility
10 rollover v-sits (yeah right…who thought of this?? I can’t even roll over…let alone touch my toes to the floor above my head!)
10 lying leg crossovers
10/10 dynamic hamstrings
5/5 sprinter hamstring to Samson stretch
20 scorpions
20 kneeling shoulder taps
10 bootstrappers

Specific Warm Up
Ok, this is not easy in a hotel with no open gym! Thank you Matt for quickly coming up with alternatives for us!

3 rounds
100m run (mountain climbers)
3 burpee box jumps (burpees)

For time
5 rounds
400m run
15 burpee box jumps

100 mountain climbers (75, 75, 75, 75, 50)
15 burpee (12, 12, 12, 12, 10) (these are sooo hard….I don’t know if I’ll ever get these to actually be a bit easier and to actually be closer to being correct. Oh well, at least I have a good attempt!)

Accessory Work
4 Rounds not for time
6 bent-over dumbbell rows
1:00 rest

Well, even though it wasn’t exactly what it was supposed to be, we are thankful Matt is so quick to come up with options for us. Still a great workout – the sweat was dripping off!!

Have a good day everyone! We are heading out today to check out Jackson TN and then off to move to St. Louis!


A Rainy, Stormy Friday Turned Beautiful

May 15, 2020

A bit rainy this morning but then it turned into a very nice day! 69° and sunny.

Arrived at school and still no students but look who was there…

Another quiet day with no students….I feel sadder every day. Sure wish kids were around here.


After work went home, and then I went for a walk with my friend Lisa. Felt that was better to talk to her while walking instead of sitting on my butt. So, we walked for 1.68 miles. Then, just sat on my deck talking. It is always so good to talk to her.

One thing we talked about was being yourself. People need to realize they should always just be themselves. A quote by Lisa’s dad, (wish I would have known him – he sounds awesome!)

Life is not a dress rehearsal.
Do what you want and don’t put up with shit.

Dinner was courtesy of Olivia this evening – homemade chicken potpie. During dinner, I asked who was going on a walk with me (usually I don’t have any volunteers and they already knew I had gone on a walk so I didn’t think anyone would say anything)? Noah said he was going and we are going to Stocks Park. The girls said they would go too. I said, “Oh, so your mom can take photos of you?” (They all hate when I want to do that.) Noah said, “Sure.” Awesome!!

We left and headed towards the park. On the way, Noah said, “I saw a mallard swimming in a puddle today.”  I was SO confused. Just how do you see this from your bedroom?? Then, I noticed the back of his shirt was dirty…Noah, how come your shirt is dirty? He then went on to tell us that he had gone walking on the trail today. Went down behind the Birzer’s house, over behind the Market House, just wherever and he climbed trees as he went. Oh my heavens! I was so thrilled my son, left the house on his own, got fresh air, enjoyed himself and now wanted us to go to the park too.

IMG_8766Arrived at the park and just had a great time…

Noah and Olivia tried walking on balance beams..

I took some pictures of a pretty tree, a cool old building, and some lilacs.

Climbing trees and just taking photos…

Then, what a special treat…running into friends. Katie Van Havel, Hannah Cote, and Gretchen Birzer. LOVED seeing them!! We made sure to take an appropriate photo since we are in Quarantine 2020 and have social distancing measures in place…


But wait…where is Noah? I guess he decided that extra social distancing was required with all these girls…he went a bit far 🙂

Finally headed home and decided we really should support the local businesses…so had to stop at the ice cream store as we walked by it.

Ended at home after walking 1.85 miles. Total walking miles today (my walks plus just normal walking at work, etc.) 5.5 miles.

Just A Simple Thursday

May 14, 2020


How nice to see these little babies on the way into work this morning. They heard me coming so they started running fast! So funny to watch them. One little guy even fell over he was trying to run so fast. They are so cute but oh what a mess they make all over the sidewalk!

Just another day of school with no students. Worked on a number of projects, sent information about classical schools to a number of people across the country. It is so interesting right now all of these people who would love to have Hillsdale Academy nearby so their children could attend or would love if we offered an online homeschool program.

IMG_8722After work talked to Oliver, I mean, Victoria. We did watch Oliver playing with a milk jug. Funny how much fun he was having with the thing! 

I also did a messenger video call
with Rowan.




Noah made dinner….Ramen…a recipe he got from a friend. Basically Ramen noodles with a bunch of stuff in it. He had never made it before but it turned out really good.

Grace and I then went for a 2.59 mile walk. Walked from home to the Academy for me to pick up a paper I left at work. It was really nice out walking.

Kids are playing a game, I’m writing and then working on a new facebook page for my brother’s run for District Judge. Talk to you again tomorrow.



Friends and Flowers

May 13, 2020

Today I was just sad…sad for this whole situation our country is in, sad for the kids not being at school and especially sad for our high school seniors, my Grace.

Our Wednesday morning Zoom staff meeting was fun, today’s meeting theme was Fire Up Colts – everyone wearing something Hillsdale Academy. These meetings have been really good and we’ve been able to have a bit of fun too.

Got a number of things done today and feel good about that but it was still sad. Feeling down and my friend, Lisa called. It was great to take a break and just talk to her for a bit. She always knows how to lift my spirits. Didn’t talk too long as she had to head to work.

Little bit later, got a text from my friend Angela, she wanted to know if I was home she had something to drop off. Told her I was at work but would LOVE to see her! I was so excited that a human I hadn’t seen for awhile was coming to say hello! (I think I now know what a dog feels like when they are waiting for their humans to come home) I kept checking to see what time it was and if she was here yet 🙂

She arrived and so nice to see her! She brought me a purple-speckled petunia hanging basket! My favorite color!! She picked it just for me 🙂 She was appreciative of how I’ve helped take care of her daughter, Anna through the years – let her stay at our house whenever needed and would help her with anything. I loved having Anna come over – she didn’t care my house was a mess, she didn’t care there was chaos, she just made herself at home and just went along with whatever was happening. I will miss Anna.  Angela certainly knew how to brighten my day! I really needed that.

Finally, went home and took a short nap and then talked to Rowan. We did video messenger so we could see each other. She showed me her dinner of baked potato with sour cream, chives, bacon and cheese. I took her outside to see Grace grilling the hamburgers. Then we just took a photo together. I love her! She always makes me smile.

After dinner, Olivia and I went to Walmart. Didn’t need too much but thought we’d have a better chance to get things we didn’t have luck with on the weekend. I think Olivia likes to be a rebel while we are at the store….she doesn’t seem to follow the rules…

Got home and I decided that yes, I really should have gone for a walk. So, headed out to walk a block or two. I called Margaret since I hadn’t talked with her in awhile. Margaret’s always good for a long talk….next thing I know I can see the fairgrounds! What?? This quarantine has really gotten to me, I can’t believe how far I walk these days.

Got home and found Grace and Olivia sitting on the swing on the deck. They had blankets, Grace was playing guitar and they were singing. They said, they had added some quarantine stuff to a song, so they sang it to Margaret and I. How cute.

Texted with Angela and Jennifer after I got inside and then decided to finish writing this so I could go to bed. I am thankful for the good friends I have. Somehow we will be stronger when we can get back to some kind of “normal”.

Good night!


Just another evening…

May 12, 2020

I took last night off from walking. My legs were really hurting after the 5K on Sunday and then CrossFit yesterday. I just came home yesterday and rested with my feet up. Just doing all the walking throughout the day, I still walked 7,760 steps (3.2 miles).

This morning I did a tough CrossFit workout and then off to work. Nothing too exciting. Just getting work done.

After work, came home talked through Brendan Sanger for District Judge with Victoria.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 8.48.43 PM

Grace made dinner – copy-cat KFC mashed potatoes, chicken, corn and gravy. Very tasty.

Then off to meet a friend and walk for 2.95 miles. It’s always great to have someone to walk and talk with.


Quick game of Skipbo with Grace and Olivia – I finally won! Then, off to bed.

Good Night everyone.


WineRun 5K

May 10, 2020

This morning Victoria and I participated in the Wine Run 5K. My 8 year old niece, Rowan joined us. How fun for us all to do this together even though we are in different locations.


Started the race with a couple sips of wine (I really thought I should figure out how to drink it during the whole race – but V said it wasn’t a good idea)

Ok fine…best time I ever had in a 5K and best pace. Even surprised myself jogging in the cemetery – but hey no one is there to laugh at your running…I’m sure some of them were rolling in their graves as I went by but at least on the surface they were all straight-faced. I guess a cemetery really is a good place to run   (check out the green on the map)

Discovered I am also an overachiever as I went 3.21 miles instead of the required 3.11. So time of 52:04 and 16:12 pace. Last time I did a 5K it was a 53:40, 17:16 pace.

Finish line for a medal, glass of wine and picture with Victoria Heckenlively (who of course finished before I did).

Now inside for a brunch cooked by Noah Heckenlively, Grace Heckenlively and Olivia Heckenlively.

Multitude of Emotions

May 9, 2020

Emotions are all over the place this morning – 26° on May 9 (it’s spring, NOT winter), out the door by 7:30 a.m. walking,

peaceful, semi-quiet outside, sun shining, school looks pretty with the sun behind it, daffodils are still beautiful, Canadian geese with their babies out and about,

and then…the quiet and stillness of the track…all emotion turns to complete sadness.

Today is Regionals (well, supposed to have been). Normally by this time, there is already lots of hustle and bustle, tents up on the field at the finish line, at the end of the field for race check-in, concession stand setting up, Josh in the press box playing music and getting things ready for the day. We would have been arriving to help and spend the entire day there. As I’ve said before, hang in there Colts – we will come back only stronger! I’m looking forward to that! However, still sad we are missing this today… sorry Grace, I know you wanted this to be your big day.

Well, I thought it was Regionals, I was only a week early. Next week would be the big day. I am still sad, the track shouldn’t look like this in the Spring.

We need to keep in mind that God has a plan for us and for some reason he didn’t want us at the track all day today. So, let’s be positive and find something good for today. We still have a full day ahead of us.



Day 54

May 8, 2020

The smell of a gym floor being refinished stinks and stirs up all kinds of thoughts. Typically the smell of floor refinishing means students will be back in school soon, sports seasons will be starting, and students will be playing in there whenever possible. Reality check…not allowed to have students in the building, no-one is allowed to be playing in a gym, there are no sports…so yes this stinks all of this and definitely the smell!!

Colts will survive and our teams will be in that gym soon working hard and being the fierce competitors they are. I can’t wait!

The governor’s plan for the state of Michigan was revealed….we will be locked up forever…just saying…

MI plan

Worked half the day at home. Did get quite a bit done which always feels good. Then, the girls had me go to the track with them. Actually, we left at the same time but I got there after them. They drove and I walked 🙂 Took only 15 minutes to get there. Such a sad time walking on the track…my daughters shouldn’t be practicing by themselves, the track should be filled with athletes and tomorrow should be Regionals…there should be lots already happening tonight in preparation for tomorrow. But we are the Colts and we will get through this…tougher and stronger than ever. Just sad for my daughter, Grace missing her Senior year of Track…she was so looking forward to it and it was going to be her year! We were ready for all kinds of good things to happen for her. Guess her work now will help prepare her for a great 1st year of college track.

After we got home, took some pictures of Grace so everyone will know where she has decided to go to college…


Dinner time, chicken and rice, compliments of Olivia. During dinner, Rowan called and we were able to visit with her, Grandma and little Mark in North Carolina. So fun to have video chat capabilities.

Finishing the day with a phone call with my friend Lisa (perhaps you need to start texting me in the mornings to see what kind of walking I’ve already done:) ), writing and baking a cherry crisp…’cause after all, who wouldn’t love to eat a cherry crisp on day 54 of quarantine….and you know, I think a nice Michigan Cherry wine cooler will go nicely with this 🙂

My walking map didn’t look too bad today…we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Awesome Day

May 7, 2020

Happy Birthday to my bestest friend ever, Valery Griffiths! We have known each other since we were in the first grade. We have had our share of ups and downs but the ups and all the fun sure have outweighed the downs. So many memories come to mind when I think about us — high school, college years, marriages, babies, too many to even count. I am so lucky to have you as such a great friend! No matter how long between our talks these days, I know you are always there for me! Love you much and hope you had a fabulous day!!

Valery and I go way back as you see from above. So, of course, I thought of her as soon as I got up this morning. Hope she had a wonderful day.

Nothing too exciting through the day. Well, we did have a staff meeting! Wednesdays are fun because we get to see everyone. We all show up to the meeting wherever we might be…work, home, kitchen, living room, den…and today it was quite odd as everyone was either wearing red or had something red with them. Odd…oh wait…that’s Mr. Roberts favorite color (NOT). It has been great to still be able to have fun even if we can’t be together.

After work, I went on my daily walk. Today I talked to Julia (one of my nieces) while I walked 2.03 miles. I love being able to talk with my nieces and nephews whenever I feel like it. I have always loved being an Aunt and it is very special to me that they will take the time to still talk to me even as they grow older.

Check out the cool map Julia and I made on our walk.

Dinner was chicken alfredo made by Grace. Great job Grace! It was delicious and I even have some for lunch tomorrow.

After dinner, the girls decided I should go to the track with them. Grace was working on shot put and Olivia was going to ride her bike. I guess I’m walking. So, I called my mom and we chatted while I was walking. Had to go when Grace decided I needed to take some video of her throwing the shot-put. Oh, and then even I got a turn. My first throw of the season was NOT very good. But this old lady couldn’t even remember how I was supposed to do it!!

We then headed for home and just as I got home, I got to talk to another one of my nieces, Rowan. She called and chatted about her day, the money she is saving to buy more horses or even a cow, then she was telling me about the Mother’s Day art project she was making. She sent me a photo so I could see what she was doing. It was so cute. Then she said, “did you look at the other one?” what other one? oh I see it, there is another photo….


…my heart melted. She is so sweet. Did I tell that I really love being an Aunt and I love my nieces and nephews? What an awesome way to finish the day.


Gold Stars?

May 6, 2020

Nothing too exciting today. Just another day at the quiet school. Somedays it is nice that there are no interruptions and you can actually get work done. But this is NOT how it is supposed to be.

My nephew Matt called me today. It was great to talk but had to hang up as my work phone was ringing and needed to take care of some business 🙂 But it was great and I told him I’ll call him soon – probably one evening when I’m out walking. Oh, I have to tell you that Matt is a Dr. doing his residency in Salt Lake City. We are so very proud of him! Matt is the oldest of my 17 nieces and nephews and he was definitely my first love! Him and I were such buddies while he was growing up. I’m happy that he will still take the time to talk to his old aunt 🙂

After work I went for my daily walk. Walked 1.97 miles while talking to my friend Lisa. It is always such a joy to talk with her. She’s someone  I can totally be myself with and we both just say whatever we feel like….even if it’s at the same time!!

While walking I came upon gold stars. Hmmmm…I wonder what those are from?? I decided that someone was trying to make me feel good. They wanted me to know that I deserve a “gold star” for walking so much these days.

Ya know, I really love these maps. I think I’m going to try to purposely walk in various directions so my maps don’t come out so square or rectangle. I think they should look more creative. So, perhaps in the next couple of days, I will come up with something that looks fun!

Olivia made tater tot casserole and we enjoyed dinner. When we were finished, I had a video call from Rowan. Well, she had a whole group video going. She was bored and decided that she should talk to Grandma, Aunt Teresa, Victoria, and Aunt Beth. Aunt Beth must have been busy as she never did answer. Victoria was headed outside to take Oliver for a walk. It was fun to walk around her apartment complex with her. She then went and sat in the dog park area in the middle of the complex so Oliver could get off his leash. How fun it was to watch him run around and then especially fun when some children from the apartments came out to play with him. You could tell one of them had played with Oliver before because she was not afraid of him jumping on her and she was trying to tell her friends it was ok too.

Always fun to video chat with those you love 🙂