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Monday Already….CrossFit Morning

July 13, 2020

Welcome to a new week. It’s Monday. Hard to believe how fast the weekends tend to fly by.

Let’s see who is working out today? Bob, Dave, Heather, Lacey, Grace, and me.

General Warm-Up
Plate Warm-Up Sequence
2 Rounds
0:20 in and outs
0:10 rest
0:20 alternating feet side hops
0:10 rest
0:20 alternating feet forward hops
0:10 rest
0:20 single-leg forward hops
0:10 rest
0:20 both feet side hops
0:10 rest
0:20 plank hand walk
0:10 rest

2 rounds
5 push-up to down dogs, 0:05 pause in down dog position
10 plate overhead walking lunges (10 lb db)
0:20/0:20 side plank to reach through
0:30 barbell overhead hold, empty bar (10 lb db)

Workout Part 1
10:00 EMOM
3 push jerks + 1 split jerk

3 dumbbell push jerks + 1 dumbbell split jerk  (still could not do a split jerk so just did 4 push jerks – used 10 lb set)

Workout Part 2
10:00 AMRAP
6 split jerks, alternating feet
12 Russian twists
18 deadlifts

6 dumbbell split jerks, alternating (10 lb set)
12 Russian twists (5 lb weight)
18 dumbbell deadlifts (15 lb set)

Cool Down
2 Rounds
0:45 wall press stretch
0:45/0:45 spiderman stretch

Good way to start the week. Nice and sweaty. Time for shower, breakfast, and off to work. Have a great day everyone.



CrossFit Thursday

July 9, 2020

Who will be Zooming today? Bob, Dave, Jeff, Nikki, Lacey, Heather, Grace, and I.

General Warm-Up

2 Rounds
1:30 bike, row, jump rope or run easy (bike)
7 Kang squats, slow (10 lb db set)
0:30-0:45 barbell overhead hold (10 lb db set)
0:30 squat with hand reaches

Skill and Build Up
Clean and Jerk Prep
3 front squat + push press (10 lb db set)
3 hang power cleans + push jerk (10 lb db set)
3 hang squat cleans + split jerk (10 lb db set – push jerk instead since my toe still is hurt)
3 clean pulls (10 lb db set)
3 power cleans (10 lb db set)
3 squat clean + split jerk (10 lb db set)

Build Up
5 sets
1 clean pull + 1 power clean + 1 squat clean + 1 front squat + 1 jerk (10 lb db set)

Every 3:00 for 15:00 (5 sets)
1 clean pull + 1 power clean + 1 squat clean + 1 front squat + 1 split jerk
(1st set – 3 each with 10 lb db set; 2nd-5th sets – 2 each with 15 lb db set)

Perform the same complex but add reps to each movement to make each set challenging.
The reps added will be determined by load available. Try for a load that is challenging 3-5 reps each movement.

Front squat – Weightlifting

Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
1:00 dumbbell front squats with tempo
(10 lb db set – approx 8 each set)

Another workout in the books. Only problem today was that I couldn’t do the split jerks because my left toe is still pretty swollen and bruised. Such a bummer because when we last did split jerks I did really well with them and I actually liked them. But had to do only push jerks today. Hopefully this toe feels better soon.

Have a good day everyone.



In Our Home Gym Once Again

July 8, 2020

Home from St. Louis. It’s always nice to go away but always nice to return home.  At least we don’t have to CrossFit at 4:30 a.m.! Back to our normal 5:30 a.m. gym time and back in our own home gym 🙂

Who will be working out today? Who knows if Grace will even show up as we were both so tired last night!  Our workout partners this morning were Bob, Dave, Jeff, Heather, Lacey, Grace, and me.

General Warm-Up (12:00)

Jump Rope Warm-Up
0:20 single unders
0:20 single leg single unders (I was able to do some of these.)
0:20 side to sides
0:20 forward and backs
0:20 in and outs
0:20 double unders (I don’t think I’ll ever get this figured out.)
0:20 triple unders
(Jump roping is so challenging. I am determined that SOMEDAY I will be able to do these kinds of jump rope skills.)

2 Rounds
10/10 dynamic calf stretch (Could not do on my left leg as I stubbed my left big toe the other day and I can’t put weight or pressure on the toe. Yes, it’s bruised pretty badly – the toe is very purplish.)
20 band pull aparts

Downdog Sequence 2
0:10 downdog
0:10 Updog
0:10/0:10 Downdog with shoulder circles (could not figure out quite how to do this.)
0:10 Updog
0:10/0:10 Downdog with ankle reach (can’t quite reach my ankles – but someday)

Skill and Build Up
Ring Dip Prep (box dips on a chair)
0:20 ring top support
0:20 ring bottom support
3 jumping ring dip + 0:03-0:05 negative phase
3-5 ring dips

Build Up
2 rounds
3 dumbbell push-up + 1 renegade row per arm, increase load each round for the push-up hands on dumbbells (10 lb db)
10 double under (20 single unders)

For time
5 Rounds
10 dumbbell push-up + renegade row each arm (1st, 2nd rounds – 15 lb set — rounds 3-5 10 lb set)
40 double unders (singles – 60, 60, 55, 60, 40)


3 Rounds (I started with this and Grace started with the first part of workout)
15 ring dips (chair dips – 12, 10, 15)
50 double unders (singles – 75, 80, 65)

Accessory Work
3 Rounds NOT for time
10 dumbbell skull crushers (10 lb set)
10-15 rear delt raises (15 band pull aparts)

Good to be home for working out. Good workout. Good to see everyone.

Have a great day everyone.



Zoomin’ Again from St. Louis – July 6

July 6, 2020

Still in St. Louis so up at 4:00 for CrossFit at 4:30 a.m.  It was nice to see Matt, Bob, Jeff, and Nikki meeting up with Grace and me for this morning workout.

General Warm-Up
3:00 row or bike at easy pace (we ran around the room and out onto deck)

“Chan Warm-Up”
8/8 spiderman lunges
10/10 lateral lunges
inchworm + push-ups (5,4,3,2,1)
10/10 windmills
10/10 arm circles forward/backward
10 arm pretzels
10/10 shoulder rolls/ forward/backward
10/10 wrist circles

Skill and Build Up
Handstand Walk Progression
0:20 plank hold shoulder taps
0:20 plank to single-arm wall press (continued with shoulder taps)
0:20 plank to wall press plank (hold plank)
2 partial wall walks + 6 shoulder taps (push-ups and shoulder taps)
2 wall walks + 6 shoulder taps (push-ups and shoulder taps)

1:00 handstand walk practice or variation
5 burpees
5 pull-ups
1:00 handstand walk practice or variation
3 burpee pull-ups or variation

Workout (15:00)
2 rounds for Time (12:45)
100 ft handstand walk (40 plank shoulder taps)
25 burpee pull-ups (30 burpees – I ended up doing inclined burpees from an end table as I stubbed my left big toe yesterday and putting pressure on it trying to get up from a burpee was extremely painful.)

Accessory Work
3 rounds NOT for time
6-10/6-10 single arm ring rows (10 lb db – did bent over db rows – 10)
0:30-0;45 L-sit hold (I did a tuck sit with hands/legs off floor)

Guess it was a good work out as I am extremely sweaty!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!



Zoomin’ in from St. Louis – July 1st

July 1, 2020

We made it to St. Louis. We are now in a house. Again, it’s 4:30 a.m. so our day is starting early.

Who will be zooming today? Bob, Lacey, Grace, and I.

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
1:30 bike or row easy (I just ran around the kitchen/living room – it was fun as Oliver was trying to follow me and couldn’t figure out what I was doing.)
5 squats with counter-balance, 0:03 descent and 0:03 pause in the bottom of each rep
(10 lb dumbell held out in front with arms straight)
10/10 quadruped rotations
15/15 banded monster walk variation, lateral only

Skill and Build Up
Squat clean and Jerk Progression
*use empty barbell this progression is a variation that focuses more on the split jerk than the clean.
5 jump and lands in a split
5 jump and land with thumbs on shoulders
5 Timing drill
5 split jerks
3 muscle clean + front squat + jerk
3 hang clean + jerks
5 clean and jerks

Build Up
5 sets (10 lb db set)
2 clean and jerks, increasing load each set to starting weight for day

Clean and jerk
Every 3:00 for 21:00 (7 sets)
5 clean and jerks with 10 lb db set

Accessory Work and Cool Down
75 banded pull-throughs or banded good mornings
75 toe touch crunches (40)

Good workout. Now to shower and then a cup of coffee.

Have a good day everyone.


Zooming from the Road

June 30, 2020

We are currently in Jackson, TN. An hour behind, so we are doing zoom at 4:30 a.m. instead of 5:30.

Who will be there this morning? Bob, Nikki, Grace and I.

General Warm-Up

Plate Warm-Up Sequence (we did hops without plates)
2 rounds
0:20 in and outs
0:10 rest
0:20 alternating feet side hops
0:10 rest
0:20 alternating feet forward hops
0:10 rest
0:20 single leg forward hops
0:10 rest
0:20 both feet side hops
0:10 rest
0:20 plank hand walk

Dynamic Mobility
10 rollover v-sits (yeah right…who thought of this?? I can’t even roll over…let alone touch my toes to the floor above my head!)
10 lying leg crossovers
10/10 dynamic hamstrings
5/5 sprinter hamstring to Samson stretch
20 scorpions
20 kneeling shoulder taps
10 bootstrappers

Specific Warm Up
Ok, this is not easy in a hotel with no open gym! Thank you Matt for quickly coming up with alternatives for us!

3 rounds
100m run (mountain climbers)
3 burpee box jumps (burpees)

For time
5 rounds
400m run
15 burpee box jumps

100 mountain climbers (75, 75, 75, 75, 50)
15 burpee (12, 12, 12, 12, 10) (these are sooo hard….I don’t know if I’ll ever get these to actually be a bit easier and to actually be closer to being correct. Oh well, at least I have a good attempt!)

Accessory Work
4 Rounds not for time
6 bent-over dumbbell rows
1:00 rest

Well, even though it wasn’t exactly what it was supposed to be, we are thankful Matt is so quick to come up with options for us. Still a great workout – the sweat was dripping off!!

Have a good day everyone! We are heading out today to check out Jackson TN and then off to move to St. Louis!


Zooming Once Again

June 29, 2020

So, the gym couldn’t open so we are back to Zooming. Who will be there today?
Bob, Heather, Nikki, Grace, and I. So nice to see everyone again!

General Warm-Up
Joint Prep Routine
10/10 turn head side to side
10/10 look up and down
10/10 swing head in crescent shape side to side
10/10 shoulder rolls forward/then back
10/10 swing one arm up, while other is down
10/10 swing arms across body at 45° with right arm high, then left arm high
10/10 full range of motion arm circles forward than back
10/10 side to side trunk twists
10/10 straight leg hip circles
10/10 right leg swings, then left
10/10 right lateral leg swings, then left
20/20 butt kickers
10/10 knee circles
10 dorsiflexion drops
10/10 seated ankle circles

2 rounds
0:45/0:45 supine banded hamstring stretch
12 barbell good mornings, use a 0:03 lowering phase (10 lb dumbbell)

Skill and Build-Up
Handstand Push-up Prep
0:30 single arm plank to wall press
*alternative: single-arm dumbbell overhead hold for 0:20 per arm (10 lb dumbbell)
0:30 planked wall press
*alternative: 0:30 2 dumbbells overhead hold (10 lb dumbbell set)
0:20 handstand hold back to the wall
*alternative – pike on the box (pike push-up from couch)
5 piked handstand push-ups (pike push-ups from inchworm position)
3 handstand push-up (pike push-ups from inchworm position)
*utilize variation to be completed in the workout “Diane” piked, piked on box, head to one abmat, or full handstand push-up

Deadlift progression (3 step) (10 lb dumbbell set)
*with an empty barbell or with a barbell and light bumpers loaded
5 from top, to the knees and stand
5 from top, to knees, to shins, to knees, and stand
5 deadlift

3 rounds
3 deadlifts, touch and go (increase load each round) (15 lb dumbbell set)
2 handstand push-ups or alternative (10 lb dumbbell set shoulder press)

Diane (12:00)
for time
handstand push ups

Minimal Equipment Options 5:45
Dumbbells (for time)
30 dumbbell deadlifts (15 lb dumbbell set)
21 handstand push-ups (10 lb dumbbell set shoulder press)
25 dumbbell deadlifts (15 lb dumbbell set)
15 handstand push-ups (10 lb dumbbell set shoulder press)
20 dumbbell deadlifts (15 lb dumbbell set)
9 handstand push-ups (10 lb dumbbell set shoulder press)

Cool Down
2 rounds
0:20 hollow hold
10 rollover v-sits

Good workout for this morning. Now to shower, finish packing and then head out to get on the road to visit Victoria!

We will try to Zoom as much as possible because I can’t go until the 8th without doing anything.

Have a great week everyone!!



Friday CrossFit

June 26, 2020

Well, the gym can’t reopen yet. Therefore, Zoom will begin again next week. We’ll be on vacation but Grace and I are planning to get up (an hour earlier even) and do our workout with our class. We have missed seeing our workout buddies.

I missed Grace yesterday – she couldn’t get out of bed. Right now it’s not looking good either….I don’t hear anyone upstairs. So, we’ll see if she shows up in a few minutes, otherwise I’m on my own.

I’m not on my own! Grace just showed up 5:27 – not a minute to spare.

General Warm-Up
2 Rounds
1:30 row or bike
10 PVC pass-throughs
10 PVC Cuban press
10 prisoner good mornings, 0:03 eccentric
0:30 squat with hand reaches
*perform a prisoner good morning jump on the second round

Skill and Build-Up
Power Snatch Progression
*use a PVC pipe
5 lands
5 lands with bar overhead
5 behind the neck push jerk
5 high hang power snatch
5 hang power snatch
5 power snatch

Build Up
2 sets
3 position power snatch with an empty barbell

3 sets 3 position power snatch increasing load

Workout, Part 1
Every 2:00 for 10:00 (5 sets)
3 position power snatch

Dumbbell Option (10 lb set)
Every 2:00 for 10:00 (5 sets)
3-5 double dumbbell power snatches (5 each set)

Review part 2
10 beat swings (V-ups)
5 knees to elbows or knee raises (hold front of bike and do single leg knee to elbow)

Workout, Part 2
For time
50 cal/40 cal row
40 knees to elbows
30 power snatches

Dumbbell Option
For time 8:07
800m run or mile bike (1-mile bike)
60 V-ups (hold front of bike and do single leg knee to elbow)
40 double dumbbell power snatches or double dumbbell sumo deadlift high pull (15 lb set)

Cool Down
1:00/1:00 foam roll low back
1:00 foam roll t-spine


Home CrossFit…Alone

June 25, 2020

Miss seeing everyone on Zoom.  Oh well, we’ll survive. I’m glad Grace is getting up and working out each day. It’s at least a little easier to do this with someone else.
So glad the gym will be opening tonight at midnight! Not sure if Grace and I can make it there at that time but we’ll see.

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
0:30/0:30 spiderman stretch
0:30/0:30 side plank
0:30/0:30 Samson stretch
0:30/0:30 pigeon stretch on floor
0:30 high hips crab walk

Skill and Build-Up

Muscle Up Progression
10 ring rows to below chest (dumbbell rows) 
0:10/0:10 support hold + pause at bottom of support hold
10 muscle up transitions with feet on ground (box dips)
5 straight body muscle up transitions

3:00 muscle up attempts or practice a variation of the muscle up that is challenging

10 walking lunges
10 sit-ups
10 jumping lunges

Workout (12:00)
8 rounds (7)
0:20 muscle-ups (box dip variation)(about 8 dips each round)
0:10 rest

8 rounds (7)
0:20 sit-ups (with ab mat and feet under couch) (5-7 each round)
0:10 rest

8 rounds (8)
0:20 jumping lunges (10 each round)
0:10 rest

Accessory Work and Cool Down
3 rounds
30 banded bicep curls
30 banded pushdowns

2 rounds
0:45 supine straddle wall stretch (didn’t have a wall to do this on)
1:00/1:00 couch stretch (0:30/0:30)

Ok…today was horrible. I was alone, as Grace didn’t get out of bed. I’m tired, so hard to push myself. These things should not have felt too bad today but they were terrible and I felt like I could barely do them.

Oh well….always another day. I guess I just need a little more sleep. Maybe tonight?

Have a good day everyone. Talk with you tomorrow.


Wednesday…Tired CrossFit Anyways

June 24, 2020

Wow, we had a graduation party for Grace last night. I am so tired this morning. But of course, my body woke up at 4:40 a.m. all by its self.

So, we’ll see if Grace shows up today? Yep, she did. We are both tired so we’ll see how this works out for us today?

General Warm-Up (12:00)

Jump Rope Warm-Up
0:20 single unders
0:20 single leg single unders
0:20 side to sides (I can actually do some of these)
0:20 forward and backs
0:20 in and outs
0:20 double unders
0:20 triple unders
(Extremely challenging for me today. I could barely jump rope today let alone do all these other things.)

2 Rounds
5/5 quadruped rotations, slow
10 squat with counter balance
0:30/0:30 single leg glute bridge
0:45/0:45 band front rack stretch

Skill and Build Up (11:00)
Squat clean Progression
*with an empty barbell (PVC pipe)
5 front squats
5 lands
5 high hang squat cleans
5 hang squat cleans from mid-thigh
5 squat cleans

Build Up (10 lb db set)
3 Sets
2 squat cleans + 2 front squats, increasing in load

Workout, Part 1 (9:00)
Every 1:30 for 9:00 (6 sets)
1 squat clean + 1 front squat

Dumbbell Option (10 lb db set)
Every 1:30 for 9:00 (6 sets)
3-5 dumbbell squat cleans + 3-5 dumbbell front squats (I did 5 of each; each set)

Transition and Workout Prep (5:00)
Review workout and movement standards for part 2

Build Up
3 squat clean + front squat (workout weight) (10 lb db set)
3 bar facing burpees
15 double unders (25 single unders)

Workout Part 2 (12:00)
For time
Squat clean + front squat
bar facing burpees
5x the reps of double unders (105-75-45)

Dumbbell Variation
For time 11:25
21-15-9 (15 – 9 – 6)
dumbbell squat clean + dumbbell front squat (50 lbs/35 lbs) (10 lb set)
bar facing burpees (facing dumbbells) (regular burpees but could only do 10 – 6 -3)
5x the reps of double unders (105-75-45) (single unders 125, 75, 40)

Cool Down (5:00)
3:00-5:00 row, bike, or run easy (walked outside, up the street 2:30 and then turned around and came home)

This was a very challenging workout for us because we were both so tired. Hopefully,

we can sneak a nap in someplace today. Then, bed early!

Have a great day everyone!!


87 Days of Zoom….Back To Gym

June 23, 2020

After 87 days of CrossFit over Zoom, it’s awesome that we will be heading back to the gym at the end of this week. In the meantime, we are done with Zoom so preparations can be made for reopening. Yes, I already miss Zoom and it is hard to do this on my own. Actually, I’m not on my own this time…Grace is doing CrossFit with me. We just need to make sure we review the workout the night before and if we need help adapting/modifying, then we need to send a message to Matt.

So, today’s workout…

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
1:00 jumping jacks
0:30 bar hangs (dumbbell overhead hold)
0:30 up dog to down dog
0:30 plank hold

Overhead Movement Prep
•with empty barbell
10 shoulder press
5 push press

Push Jerk Progression
5 jump and land with hands at side (with PVC pipe)
5 jerk balance from head level, with barbell (with PVC pipe)
5 push jerk (with PVC pipe)

3 shoulder press + 3 push press + 3 push jerks, light (10 lb db set)
10 hanging scap retractions (10 lb db rows)

3 shoulder press + 3 push press + 3 push jerks, light to moderate (10 lb db set)
5 strict pull-ups (10 lb db rows)

3 shoulder press + 3 push press + 3 push jerks, moderate (10 lb db set)
3 weighted pull-ups, light (10 lb db rows)

Workout, Part 1
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
3 shoulder press
max rep unbroken weighted pull-up

Dumbbell Option
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
5 dumbbell shoulder press or max rep dumbbell shoulder press if only light to moderate dumbbells (10 lb db set)
Max rep pull-ups or dumbbell row (10 lb set – 25, 25, 25, 25, 25)

Workout, Part 2
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
3 push presses
Max rep unbroken strict chest to bar pull-ups
continue to have clock running from part 1

Dumbbell option
Every 3:00 for 9:00
5 push press or max rep push press (10 lb db set)
Max rep strict chest to bar pull-ups or single-arm dumbbell high pull (10 lb db – 25 each arm, each round)

Workout, Part 3
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
3 push jerks
Max rep unbroken strict pull-ups
Keep the clock running from part 2
Attempt to increase the load over the course of the 3 sets.

Dumbbell Option
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
5 dumbbell push jerks or 1:00 of max rep push jerks (10 lb db set)
Max hold with chest to rings or truck/table (bent over dumbbell rows – 10 lb set – 25 each round)

Ok…we are finished it’s 6:22 a.m. – not too bad for on our own.

No More Zooming…CrossFit

June 22, 2020

Well, we found out yesterday that there will be no more Zoom. They are getting the gym ready to open! That is exciting but I’m not sure how I am going to do this on my own the next few weeks? They will open the gym this Friday with a special Welcome Back WOD at 12:00 a.m. then the 12:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. classes will be held.

Grace and I will work on this and modify it as best we can. We are excited to get to the gym but I have to work so not sure midnight will work for me on Thursday/Friday. Then, we are leaving on vacation on 6/29 and will be gone until 7/8.  So, I guess we will have to plan out what we are going to do during that time???

Ok, just waiting for Grace and we can begin our morning…

Grace and I went outside to do all of our workout today.

Modified Hinshaw running warm-up
10 yards over the hurdle
10 yards knee to chest
10 yards figure 4
10 yards walking Samson stretch
10 yards toy soldiers
0:30 sitting arm swings
0:30 standing arm swings
10 yards toes out walk
10 yards toes in walk
10 yards walk on heels
10 yards walk on toes
10 yards walk on outside of feet
10 yards walk on inside of feet
Did all of this from in front of the garage and into the driveway.

Run Prep
2 rounds
100m shuttle run (from garage to sidewalk at end of driveway)
50 ft single under hops (5 single unders in place and 5 single unders hopping forward) (from garage to back of Ginny’s house)

at 0:00
1600m run

at 12:00
1200m run

at 20:00
800m run

at 26:00
400m run

Instead of all the running this morning, (did you remember…I’m still 50, fat, and don’t run), Grace and I decided to walk as far as we could for 15 minutes and then walk back home. We walked for 31:47. Then we came in the house to finish the accessory work.

Core Accessory Work
3 rounds NOT for time
30 hanging flutter kicks
30 toe-touch crunch
0:30/0:30 heel-toe hamstring stretch

We did this work in the house. I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to do a toe-touch crunch. Do people realize how far away my arms are from my feet?? I really don’t know how someone expects me to actually touch my toes with my feet in the air??

Oh well…have a great day!