A Rainy, Stormy Friday Turned Beautiful

A bit rainy this morning but then it turned into a very nice day! 69° and sunny.

Arrived at school and still no students but look who was there…

Another quiet day with no students….I feel sadder every day. Sure wish kids were around here.


After work went home, and then I went for a walk with my friend Lisa. Felt that was better to talk to her while walking instead of sitting on my butt. So, we walked for 1.68 miles. Then, just sat on my deck talking. It is always so good to talk to her.

One thing we talked about was being yourself. People need to realize they should always just be themselves. A quote by Lisa’s dad, (wish I would have known him – he sounds awesome!)

Life is not a dress rehearsal.
Do what you want and don’t put up with shit.

Dinner was courtesy of Olivia this evening – homemade chicken potpie. During dinner, I asked who was going on a walk with me (usually I don’t have any volunteers and they already knew I had gone on a walk so I didn’t think anyone would say anything)? Noah said he was going and we are going to Stocks Park. The girls said they would go too. I said, “Oh, so your mom can take photos of you?” (They all hate when I want to do that.) Noah said, “Sure.” Awesome!!

We left and headed towards the park. On the way, Noah said, “I saw a mallard swimming in a puddle today.”  I was SO confused. Just how do you see this from your bedroom?? Then, I noticed the back of his shirt was dirty…Noah, how come your shirt is dirty? He then went on to tell us that he had gone walking on the trail today. Went down behind the Birzer’s house, over behind the Market House, just wherever and he climbed trees as he went. Oh my heavens! I was so thrilled my son, left the house on his own, got fresh air, enjoyed himself and now wanted us to go to the park too.

IMG_8766Arrived at the park and just had a great time…

Noah and Olivia tried walking on balance beams..

I took some pictures of a pretty tree, a cool old building, and some lilacs.

Climbing trees and just taking photos…

Then, what a special treat…running into friends. Katie Van Havel, Hannah Cote, and Gretchen Birzer. LOVED seeing them!! We made sure to take an appropriate photo since we are in Quarantine 2020 and have social distancing measures in place…


But wait…where is Noah? I guess he decided that extra social distancing was required with all these girls…he went a bit far 🙂

Finally headed home and decided we really should support the local businesses…so had to stop at the ice cream store as we walked by it.

Ended at home after walking 1.85 miles. Total walking miles today (my walks plus just normal walking at work, etc.) 5.5 miles.

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