Just another evening…

I took last night off from walking. My legs were really hurting after the 5K on Sunday and then CrossFit yesterday. I just came home yesterday and rested with my feet up. Just doing all the walking throughout the day, I still walked 7,760 steps (3.2 miles).

This morning I did a tough CrossFit workout and then off to work. Nothing too exciting. Just getting work done.

After work, came home talked through Brendan Sanger for District Judge with Victoria.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 8.48.43 PM

Grace made dinner – copy-cat KFC mashed potatoes, chicken, corn and gravy. Very tasty.

Then off to meet a friend and walk for 2.95 miles. It’s always great to have someone to walk and talk with.


Quick game of Skipbo with Grace and Olivia – I finally won! Then, off to bed.

Good Night everyone.


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