About 1heckofablog

What the Heck?

What kind of journey is this blog? To start with, here’s a rundown of who I am…

I’m married to a computer geek who totally stresses me out.

I have four children (Victoria 23, Noah 20, Grace 18, Olivia 15) they have always and still keep me very busy!

I’m an administrative aide at Hillsdale Academy – love being around all the kiddos.

I’m an aunt to 17 wonderful nieces and nephews. I have always LOVED every minute with all of them. I love to have fun with them.

I’m a great-aunt to two of the cutest little boys you have ever seen! (Well, I was a GREAT aunt before I had these two.)

I love the color purple.

I love being with friends.

I love food.

I’m fat. (well, what did you expect….I said I love food.)

I’m 50.

I do CrossFit and I actually enjoy it (I know what you are thinking, it’s ok, I’m not sure how food, fat, 50, and CrossFit all fit together but somehow they do.)

Therefore, all of these things put together sometimes create a Heck of a Day….so travel through daily life with me…


Disclaimer: I am an American who lives in the United States of America. Therefore, we have rights and freedoms. We give thanks to those who service to fight for those freedoms. Anyways…my disclaimer…I have a RIGHT to my own opinions (as everyone does) I don’t want everyone to agree with me but I do want everyone to be respectful of others thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Therefore, when I write what I think or believe or feel, if you don’t agree that’s fine but please don’t leave disrespectful rants and comments making me sound like I’m evil. Like you should have been taught…if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all! (oh, and I will block you if you can’t say anything nice.) Thank you and please enjoy my writing.

One Response to “About 1heckofablog”

  1. Valery Griffiths Says:

    Hey Sanger, tell me your story!❤️❤️❤️


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