Multitude of Emotions

Emotions are all over the place this morning – 26° on May 9 (it’s spring, NOT winter), out the door by 7:30 a.m. walking,

peaceful, semi-quiet outside, sun shining, school looks pretty with the sun behind it, daffodils are still beautiful, Canadian geese with their babies out and about,

and then…the quiet and stillness of the track…all emotion turns to complete sadness.

Today is Regionals (well, supposed to have been). Normally by this time, there is already lots of hustle and bustle, tents up on the field at the finish line, at the end of the field for race check-in, concession stand setting up, Josh in the press box playing music and getting things ready for the day. We would have been arriving to help and spend the entire day there. As I’ve said before, hang in there Colts – we will come back only stronger! I’m looking forward to that! However, still sad we are missing this today… sorry Grace, I know you wanted this to be your big day.

Well, I thought it was Regionals, I was only a week early. Next week would be the big day. I am still sad, the track shouldn’t look like this in the Spring.

We need to keep in mind that God has a plan for us and for some reason he didn’t want us at the track all day today. So, let’s be positive and find something good for today. We still have a full day ahead of us.



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