WineRun 5K

This morning Victoria and I participated in the Wine Run 5K. My 8 year old niece, Rowan joined us. How fun for us all to do this together even though we are in different locations.


Started the race with a couple sips of wine (I really thought I should figure out how to drink it during the whole race – but V said it wasn’t a good idea)

Ok fine…best time I ever had in a 5K and best pace. Even surprised myself jogging in the cemetery – but hey no one is there to laugh at your running…I’m sure some of them were rolling in their graves as I went by but at least on the surface they were all straight-faced. I guess a cemetery really is a good place to run   (check out the green on the map)

Discovered I am also an overachiever as I went 3.21 miles instead of the required 3.11. So time of 52:04 and 16:12 pace. Last time I did a 5K it was a 53:40, 17:16 pace.

Finish line for a medal, glass of wine and picture with Victoria Heckenlively (who of course finished before I did).

Now inside for a brunch cooked by Noah Heckenlively, Grace Heckenlively and Olivia Heckenlively.

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