Day 54

The smell of a gym floor being refinished stinks and stirs up all kinds of thoughts. Typically the smell of floor refinishing means students will be back in school soon, sports seasons will be starting, and students will be playing in there whenever possible. Reality check…not allowed to have students in the building, no-one is allowed to be playing in a gym, there are no sports…so yes this stinks all of this and definitely the smell!!

Colts will survive and our teams will be in that gym soon working hard and being the fierce competitors they are. I can’t wait!

The governor’s plan for the state of Michigan was revealed….we will be locked up forever…just saying…

MI plan

Worked half the day at home. Did get quite a bit done which always feels good. Then, the girls had me go to the track with them. Actually, we left at the same time but I got there after them. They drove and I walked ๐Ÿ™‚ Took only 15 minutes to get there. Such a sad time walking on the track…my daughters shouldn’t be practicing by themselves, the track should be filled with athletes and tomorrow should be Regionals…there should be lots already happening tonight in preparation for tomorrow. But we are the Colts and we will get through this…tougher and stronger than ever. Just sad for my daughter, Grace missing her Senior year of Track…she was so looking forward to it and it was going to be her year! We were ready for all kinds of good things to happen for her. Guess her work now will help prepare her for a great 1st year of college track.

After we got home, took some pictures of Grace so everyone will know where she has decided to go to college…


Dinner time, chicken and rice, compliments of Olivia. During dinner, Rowan called and we were able to visit with her, Grandma and little Mark in North Carolina. So fun to have video chat capabilities.

Finishing the day with a phone call with my friend Lisa (perhaps you need to start texting me in the mornings to see what kind of walking I’ve already done:) ), writing and baking a cherry crisp…’cause after all, who wouldn’t love to eat a cherry crisp on day 54 of quarantine….and you know, I think a nice Michigan Cherry wine cooler will go nicely with this ๐Ÿ™‚

My walking map didn’t look too bad today…we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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