Friends and Flowers

Today I was just sad…sad for this whole situation our country is in, sad for the kids not being at school and especially sad for our high school seniors, my Grace.

Our Wednesday morning Zoom staff meeting was fun, today’s meeting theme was Fire Up Colts – everyone wearing something Hillsdale Academy. These meetings have been really good and we’ve been able to have a bit of fun too.

Got a number of things done today and feel good about that but it was still sad. Feeling down and my friend, Lisa called. It was great to take a break and just talk to her for a bit. She always knows how to lift my spirits. Didn’t talk too long as she had to head to work.

Little bit later, got a text from my friend Angela, she wanted to know if I was home she had something to drop off. Told her I was at work but would LOVE to see her! I was so excited that a human I hadn’t seen for awhile was coming to say hello! (I think I now know what a dog feels like when they are waiting for their humans to come home) I kept checking to see what time it was and if she was here yet 🙂

She arrived and so nice to see her! She brought me a purple-speckled petunia hanging basket! My favorite color!! She picked it just for me 🙂 She was appreciative of how I’ve helped take care of her daughter, Anna through the years – let her stay at our house whenever needed and would help her with anything. I loved having Anna come over – she didn’t care my house was a mess, she didn’t care there was chaos, she just made herself at home and just went along with whatever was happening. I will miss Anna.  Angela certainly knew how to brighten my day! I really needed that.

Finally, went home and took a short nap and then talked to Rowan. We did video messenger so we could see each other. She showed me her dinner of baked potato with sour cream, chives, bacon and cheese. I took her outside to see Grace grilling the hamburgers. Then we just took a photo together. I love her! She always makes me smile.

After dinner, Olivia and I went to Walmart. Didn’t need too much but thought we’d have a better chance to get things we didn’t have luck with on the weekend. I think Olivia likes to be a rebel while we are at the store….she doesn’t seem to follow the rules…

Got home and I decided that yes, I really should have gone for a walk. So, headed out to walk a block or two. I called Margaret since I hadn’t talked with her in awhile. Margaret’s always good for a long talk….next thing I know I can see the fairgrounds! What?? This quarantine has really gotten to me, I can’t believe how far I walk these days.

Got home and found Grace and Olivia sitting on the swing on the deck. They had blankets, Grace was playing guitar and they were singing. They said, they had added some quarantine stuff to a song, so they sang it to Margaret and I. How cute.

Texted with Angela and Jennifer after I got inside and then decided to finish writing this so I could go to bed. I am thankful for the good friends I have. Somehow we will be stronger when we can get back to some kind of “normal”.

Good night!


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