Just A Simple Thursday


How nice to see these little babies on the way into work this morning. They heard me coming so they started running fast! So funny to watch them. One little guy even fell over he was trying to run so fast. They are so cute but oh what a mess they make all over the sidewalk!

Just another day of school with no students. Worked on a number of projects, sent information about classical schools to a number of people across the country. It is so interesting right now all of these people who would love to have Hillsdale Academy nearby so their children could attend or would love if we offered an online homeschool program.

IMG_8722After work talked to Oliver, I mean, Victoria. We did watch Oliver playing with a milk jug. Funny how much fun he was having with the thing! 

I also did a messenger video call
with Rowan.




Noah made dinner….Ramen…a recipe he got from a friend. Basically Ramen noodles with a bunch of stuff in it. He had never made it before but it turned out really good.

Grace and I then went for a 2.59 mile walk. Walked from home to the Academy for me to pick up a paper I left at work. It was really nice out walking.

Kids are playing a game, I’m writing and then working on a new facebook page for my brother’s run for District Judge. Talk to you again tomorrow.



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