Awesome Day

Happy Birthday to my bestest friend ever, Valery Griffiths! We have known each other since we were in the first grade. We have had our share of ups and downs but the ups and all the fun sure have outweighed the downs. So many memories come to mind when I think about us — high school, college years, marriages, babies, too many to even count. I am so lucky to have you as such a great friend! No matter how long between our talks these days, I know you are always there for me! Love you much and hope you had a fabulous day!!

Valery and I go way back as you see from above. So, of course, I thought of her as soon as I got up this morning. Hope she had a wonderful day.

Nothing too exciting through the day. Well, we did have a staff meeting! Wednesdays are fun because we get to see everyone. We all show up to the meeting wherever we might be…work, home, kitchen, living room, den…and today it was quite odd as everyone was either wearing red or had something red with them. Odd…oh wait…that’s Mr. Roberts favorite color (NOT). It has been great to still be able to have fun even if we can’t be together.

After work, I went on my daily walk. Today I talked to Julia (one of my nieces) while I walked 2.03 miles. I love being able to talk with my nieces and nephews whenever I feel like it. I have always loved being an Aunt and it is very special to me that they will take the time to still talk to me even as they grow older.

Check out the cool map Julia and I made on our walk.

Dinner was chicken alfredo made by Grace. Great job Grace! It was delicious and I even have some for lunch tomorrow.

After dinner, the girls decided I should go to the track with them. Grace was working on shot put and Olivia was going to ride her bike. I guess I’m walking. So, I called my mom and we chatted while I was walking. Had to go when Grace decided I needed to take some video of her throwing the shot-put. Oh, and then even I got a turn. My first throw of the season was NOT very good. But this old lady couldn’t even remember how I was supposed to do it!!

We then headed for home and just as I got home, I got to talk to another one of my nieces, Rowan. She called and chatted about her day, the money she is saving to buy more horses or even a cow, then she was telling me about the Mother’s Day art project she was making. She sent me a photo so I could see what she was doing. It was so cute. Then she said, “did you look at the other one?” what other one? oh I see it, there is another photo….


…my heart melted. She is so sweet. Did I tell that I really love being an Aunt and I love my nieces and nephews? What an awesome way to finish the day.


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