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Zooming from the Road

June 30, 2020

We are currently in Jackson, TN. An hour behind, so we are doing zoom at 4:30 a.m. instead of 5:30.

Who will be there this morning? Bob, Nikki, Grace and I.

General Warm-Up

Plate Warm-Up Sequence (we did hops without plates)
2 rounds
0:20 in and outs
0:10 rest
0:20 alternating feet side hops
0:10 rest
0:20 alternating feet forward hops
0:10 rest
0:20 single leg forward hops
0:10 rest
0:20 both feet side hops
0:10 rest
0:20 plank hand walk

Dynamic Mobility
10 rollover v-sits (yeah right…who thought of this?? I can’t even roll over…let alone touch my toes to the floor above my head!)
10 lying leg crossovers
10/10 dynamic hamstrings
5/5 sprinter hamstring to Samson stretch
20 scorpions
20 kneeling shoulder taps
10 bootstrappers

Specific Warm Up
Ok, this is not easy in a hotel with no open gym! Thank you Matt for quickly coming up with alternatives for us!

3 rounds
100m run (mountain climbers)
3 burpee box jumps (burpees)

For time
5 rounds
400m run
15 burpee box jumps

100 mountain climbers (75, 75, 75, 75, 50)
15 burpee (12, 12, 12, 12, 10) (these are sooo hard….I don’t know if I’ll ever get these to actually be a bit easier and to actually be closer to being correct. Oh well, at least I have a good attempt!)

Accessory Work
4 Rounds not for time
6 bent-over dumbbell rows
1:00 rest

Well, even though it wasn’t exactly what it was supposed to be, we are thankful Matt is so quick to come up with options for us. Still a great workout – the sweat was dripping off!!

Have a good day everyone! We are heading out today to check out Jackson TN and then off to move to St. Louis!


Zooming Once Again

June 29, 2020

So, the gym couldn’t open so we are back to Zooming. Who will be there today?
Bob, Heather, Nikki, Grace, and I. So nice to see everyone again!

General Warm-Up
Joint Prep Routine
10/10 turn head side to side
10/10 look up and down
10/10 swing head in crescent shape side to side
10/10 shoulder rolls forward/then back
10/10 swing one arm up, while other is down
10/10 swing arms across body at 45° with right arm high, then left arm high
10/10 full range of motion arm circles forward than back
10/10 side to side trunk twists
10/10 straight leg hip circles
10/10 right leg swings, then left
10/10 right lateral leg swings, then left
20/20 butt kickers
10/10 knee circles
10 dorsiflexion drops
10/10 seated ankle circles

2 rounds
0:45/0:45 supine banded hamstring stretch
12 barbell good mornings, use a 0:03 lowering phase (10 lb dumbbell)

Skill and Build-Up
Handstand Push-up Prep
0:30 single arm plank to wall press
*alternative: single-arm dumbbell overhead hold for 0:20 per arm (10 lb dumbbell)
0:30 planked wall press
*alternative: 0:30 2 dumbbells overhead hold (10 lb dumbbell set)
0:20 handstand hold back to the wall
*alternative – pike on the box (pike push-up from couch)
5 piked handstand push-ups (pike push-ups from inchworm position)
3 handstand push-up (pike push-ups from inchworm position)
*utilize variation to be completed in the workout “Diane” piked, piked on box, head to one abmat, or full handstand push-up

Deadlift progression (3 step) (10 lb dumbbell set)
*with an empty barbell or with a barbell and light bumpers loaded
5 from top, to the knees and stand
5 from top, to knees, to shins, to knees, and stand
5 deadlift

3 rounds
3 deadlifts, touch and go (increase load each round) (15 lb dumbbell set)
2 handstand push-ups or alternative (10 lb dumbbell set shoulder press)

Diane (12:00)
for time
handstand push ups

Minimal Equipment Options 5:45
Dumbbells (for time)
30 dumbbell deadlifts (15 lb dumbbell set)
21 handstand push-ups (10 lb dumbbell set shoulder press)
25 dumbbell deadlifts (15 lb dumbbell set)
15 handstand push-ups (10 lb dumbbell set shoulder press)
20 dumbbell deadlifts (15 lb dumbbell set)
9 handstand push-ups (10 lb dumbbell set shoulder press)

Cool Down
2 rounds
0:20 hollow hold
10 rollover v-sits

Good workout for this morning. Now to shower, finish packing and then head out to get on the road to visit Victoria!

We will try to Zoom as much as possible because I can’t go until the 8th without doing anything.

Have a great week everyone!!



Friday CrossFit

June 26, 2020

Well, the gym can’t reopen yet. Therefore, Zoom will begin again next week. We’ll be on vacation but Grace and I are planning to get up (an hour earlier even) and do our workout with our class. We have missed seeing our workout buddies.

I missed Grace yesterday – she couldn’t get out of bed. Right now it’s not looking good either….I don’t hear anyone upstairs. So, we’ll see if she shows up in a few minutes, otherwise I’m on my own.

I’m not on my own! Grace just showed up 5:27 – not a minute to spare.

General Warm-Up
2 Rounds
1:30 row or bike
10 PVC pass-throughs
10 PVC Cuban press
10 prisoner good mornings, 0:03 eccentric
0:30 squat with hand reaches
*perform a prisoner good morning jump on the second round

Skill and Build-Up
Power Snatch Progression
*use a PVC pipe
5 lands
5 lands with bar overhead
5 behind the neck push jerk
5 high hang power snatch
5 hang power snatch
5 power snatch

Build Up
2 sets
3 position power snatch with an empty barbell

3 sets 3 position power snatch increasing load

Workout, Part 1
Every 2:00 for 10:00 (5 sets)
3 position power snatch

Dumbbell Option (10 lb set)
Every 2:00 for 10:00 (5 sets)
3-5 double dumbbell power snatches (5 each set)

Review part 2
10 beat swings (V-ups)
5 knees to elbows or knee raises (hold front of bike and do single leg knee to elbow)

Workout, Part 2
For time
50 cal/40 cal row
40 knees to elbows
30 power snatches

Dumbbell Option
For time 8:07
800m run or mile bike (1-mile bike)
60 V-ups (hold front of bike and do single leg knee to elbow)
40 double dumbbell power snatches or double dumbbell sumo deadlift high pull (15 lb set)

Cool Down
1:00/1:00 foam roll low back
1:00 foam roll t-spine


Home CrossFit…Alone

June 25, 2020

Miss seeing everyone on Zoom.  Oh well, we’ll survive. I’m glad Grace is getting up and working out each day. It’s at least a little easier to do this with someone else.
So glad the gym will be opening tonight at midnight! Not sure if Grace and I can make it there at that time but we’ll see.

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
0:30/0:30 spiderman stretch
0:30/0:30 side plank
0:30/0:30 Samson stretch
0:30/0:30 pigeon stretch on floor
0:30 high hips crab walk

Skill and Build-Up

Muscle Up Progression
10 ring rows to below chest (dumbbell rows) 
0:10/0:10 support hold + pause at bottom of support hold
10 muscle up transitions with feet on ground (box dips)
5 straight body muscle up transitions

3:00 muscle up attempts or practice a variation of the muscle up that is challenging

10 walking lunges
10 sit-ups
10 jumping lunges

Workout (12:00)
8 rounds (7)
0:20 muscle-ups (box dip variation)(about 8 dips each round)
0:10 rest

8 rounds (7)
0:20 sit-ups (with ab mat and feet under couch) (5-7 each round)
0:10 rest

8 rounds (8)
0:20 jumping lunges (10 each round)
0:10 rest

Accessory Work and Cool Down
3 rounds
30 banded bicep curls
30 banded pushdowns

2 rounds
0:45 supine straddle wall stretch (didn’t have a wall to do this on)
1:00/1:00 couch stretch (0:30/0:30)

Ok…today was horrible. I was alone, as Grace didn’t get out of bed. I’m tired, so hard to push myself. These things should not have felt too bad today but they were terrible and I felt like I could barely do them.

Oh well….always another day. I guess I just need a little more sleep. Maybe tonight?

Have a good day everyone. Talk with you tomorrow.


Wednesday…Tired CrossFit Anyways

June 24, 2020

Wow, we had a graduation party for Grace last night. I am so tired this morning. But of course, my body woke up at 4:40 a.m. all by its self.

So, we’ll see if Grace shows up today? Yep, she did. We are both tired so we’ll see how this works out for us today?

General Warm-Up (12:00)

Jump Rope Warm-Up
0:20 single unders
0:20 single leg single unders
0:20 side to sides (I can actually do some of these)
0:20 forward and backs
0:20 in and outs
0:20 double unders
0:20 triple unders
(Extremely challenging for me today. I could barely jump rope today let alone do all these other things.)

2 Rounds
5/5 quadruped rotations, slow
10 squat with counter balance
0:30/0:30 single leg glute bridge
0:45/0:45 band front rack stretch

Skill and Build Up (11:00)
Squat clean Progression
*with an empty barbell (PVC pipe)
5 front squats
5 lands
5 high hang squat cleans
5 hang squat cleans from mid-thigh
5 squat cleans

Build Up (10 lb db set)
3 Sets
2 squat cleans + 2 front squats, increasing in load

Workout, Part 1 (9:00)
Every 1:30 for 9:00 (6 sets)
1 squat clean + 1 front squat

Dumbbell Option (10 lb db set)
Every 1:30 for 9:00 (6 sets)
3-5 dumbbell squat cleans + 3-5 dumbbell front squats (I did 5 of each; each set)

Transition and Workout Prep (5:00)
Review workout and movement standards for part 2

Build Up
3 squat clean + front squat (workout weight) (10 lb db set)
3 bar facing burpees
15 double unders (25 single unders)

Workout Part 2 (12:00)
For time
Squat clean + front squat
bar facing burpees
5x the reps of double unders (105-75-45)

Dumbbell Variation
For time 11:25
21-15-9 (15 – 9 – 6)
dumbbell squat clean + dumbbell front squat (50 lbs/35 lbs) (10 lb set)
bar facing burpees (facing dumbbells) (regular burpees but could only do 10 – 6 -3)
5x the reps of double unders (105-75-45) (single unders 125, 75, 40)

Cool Down (5:00)
3:00-5:00 row, bike, or run easy (walked outside, up the street 2:30 and then turned around and came home)

This was a very challenging workout for us because we were both so tired. Hopefully,

we can sneak a nap in someplace today. Then, bed early!

Have a great day everyone!!


87 Days of Zoom….Back To Gym

June 23, 2020

After 87 days of CrossFit over Zoom, it’s awesome that we will be heading back to the gym at the end of this week. In the meantime, we are done with Zoom so preparations can be made for reopening. Yes, I already miss Zoom and it is hard to do this on my own. Actually, I’m not on my own this time…Grace is doing CrossFit with me. We just need to make sure we review the workout the night before and if we need help adapting/modifying, then we need to send a message to Matt.

So, today’s workout…

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
1:00 jumping jacks
0:30 bar hangs (dumbbell overhead hold)
0:30 up dog to down dog
0:30 plank hold

Overhead Movement Prep
•with empty barbell
10 shoulder press
5 push press

Push Jerk Progression
5 jump and land with hands at side (with PVC pipe)
5 jerk balance from head level, with barbell (with PVC pipe)
5 push jerk (with PVC pipe)

3 shoulder press + 3 push press + 3 push jerks, light (10 lb db set)
10 hanging scap retractions (10 lb db rows)

3 shoulder press + 3 push press + 3 push jerks, light to moderate (10 lb db set)
5 strict pull-ups (10 lb db rows)

3 shoulder press + 3 push press + 3 push jerks, moderate (10 lb db set)
3 weighted pull-ups, light (10 lb db rows)

Workout, Part 1
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
3 shoulder press
max rep unbroken weighted pull-up

Dumbbell Option
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
5 dumbbell shoulder press or max rep dumbbell shoulder press if only light to moderate dumbbells (10 lb db set)
Max rep pull-ups or dumbbell row (10 lb set – 25, 25, 25, 25, 25)

Workout, Part 2
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
3 push presses
Max rep unbroken strict chest to bar pull-ups
continue to have clock running from part 1

Dumbbell option
Every 3:00 for 9:00
5 push press or max rep push press (10 lb db set)
Max rep strict chest to bar pull-ups or single-arm dumbbell high pull (10 lb db – 25 each arm, each round)

Workout, Part 3
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
3 push jerks
Max rep unbroken strict pull-ups
Keep the clock running from part 2
Attempt to increase the load over the course of the 3 sets.

Dumbbell Option
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
5 dumbbell push jerks or 1:00 of max rep push jerks (10 lb db set)
Max hold with chest to rings or truck/table (bent over dumbbell rows – 10 lb set – 25 each round)

Ok…we are finished it’s 6:22 a.m. – not too bad for on our own.

No More Zooming…CrossFit

June 22, 2020

Well, we found out yesterday that there will be no more Zoom. They are getting the gym ready to open! That is exciting but I’m not sure how I am going to do this on my own the next few weeks? They will open the gym this Friday with a special Welcome Back WOD at 12:00 a.m. then the 12:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. classes will be held.

Grace and I will work on this and modify it as best we can. We are excited to get to the gym but I have to work so not sure midnight will work for me on Thursday/Friday. Then, we are leaving on vacation on 6/29 and will be gone until 7/8.  So, I guess we will have to plan out what we are going to do during that time???

Ok, just waiting for Grace and we can begin our morning…

Grace and I went outside to do all of our workout today.

Modified Hinshaw running warm-up
10 yards over the hurdle
10 yards knee to chest
10 yards figure 4
10 yards walking Samson stretch
10 yards toy soldiers
0:30 sitting arm swings
0:30 standing arm swings
10 yards toes out walk
10 yards toes in walk
10 yards walk on heels
10 yards walk on toes
10 yards walk on outside of feet
10 yards walk on inside of feet
Did all of this from in front of the garage and into the driveway.

Run Prep
2 rounds
100m shuttle run (from garage to sidewalk at end of driveway)
50 ft single under hops (5 single unders in place and 5 single unders hopping forward) (from garage to back of Ginny’s house)

at 0:00
1600m run

at 12:00
1200m run

at 20:00
800m run

at 26:00
400m run

Instead of all the running this morning, (did you remember…I’m still 50, fat, and don’t run), Grace and I decided to walk as far as we could for 15 minutes and then walk back home. We walked for 31:47. Then we came in the house to finish the accessory work.

Core Accessory Work
3 rounds NOT for time
30 hanging flutter kicks
30 toe-touch crunch
0:30/0:30 heel-toe hamstring stretch

We did this work in the house. I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to do a toe-touch crunch. Do people realize how far away my arms are from my feet?? I really don’t know how someone expects me to actually touch my toes with my feet in the air??

Oh well…have a great day!



To Blog Again…

June 21, 2020

Wow, what an absolutely beautiful morning. It’s 8:10 a.m., 71°, sunny, and just perfect to enjoy my deck while drinking my morning coffee. I have been so busy lately that I have not had time to do daily general life blogs nor have I had time to read things I want to read. Well, I think some of that is going to happen today!

Wait…my birdfeeder is empty. Let me got help the birds. It’s fun to sit here and watch how many birds come back and forth to the feeders. Ok, done. Now we’ll see how long until a little birdy notices there is food once again.

Ok….my weekend ended up being very busy. I never saw a bird at the feeder but it is almost empty again so obviously someone noticed it was full.

Let’s see recap the weekend…

Farmers Market and then brought Rowan home with us. Of course, it was so HOT we all needed something to cool us off in order to even walk home. So, if you walk by Coney’s and Swirls, you should at least stop for something. Some of us got ice cream and some had slushes. Nice and refreshing.  We got home and had leftovers for lunch. A brief nap and then to meet Bridget and her mom at the campground to look things over and start setting up for the party on Tuesday to celebrate Grace and Bridget’s graduation from Hillsdale Academy.

Once we were done there we headed to Bankers to swim in Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Paul’s pool. The water was so nice and relaxing. Swam some laps and played with the kids. I am so impressed with how well Rowan is swimming. She is a little fish! So fun to watch her. Then, Grace and Olivia were working with her on diving. She is doing a GREAT job and can almost dive off the board and make it to the end of the pool without coming up for air! That’s a tough one when you are only 8! She’s doing awesome!

Once we were done swimming and laying in the sun to dry off, we headed to Walmart to pick up a few things and then home for the evening. We were all so tired. Ended up watching the moving Casper. What a great, fun movie! Then we all headed to bed.

Sunday ended up being extremely busy too! Got up did a few things, then the girls and I headed to Jackson Sam’s Club. Bought stuff for the graduation party and for us at home. Then, we met Julia at Meijer and stood outside and talked with her for a bit. Always so great to see my nieces! No matter how short the visits are they are still great! Then, into Meijer to buy a few final items. Then headed home. We got close to Spring Arbor and decided to stop by and visit with my friend Lisa. It is always good to visit with her and her family. We, of course, stayed too long but it was great to visit.

Once home unloaded the car, put groceries away, ate some leftovers, packed up stuff for the grad party into the car and then left again. We first stopped at the St. Anthony’s cemetery to visit Grandpa Don for Father’s Day. Still so hard to believe he is gone. We miss him daily.

Then to the campground to unload stuff into the rec room. Grace and Bridget will go out tomorrow and start setting stuff up and decorating.

Once finished, went to Dollar Tree to pick up a few more items. Then to Litchfield where we stopped at Mt. Hope Cemetery to visit my dad, “just Grandpa”. So hard to believe it has been almost seven years. We miss him so very much!

Then, stopped to visit Grandma. Rowan was over visiting so we took her with us and then dropped her at her house. We went in for a short visit to talk and then we were on our way home.

Ordered Cavoni’s on the way home, stopped when we got to town to pick them up and took them home for dinner. It was almost 8 by this time so we were definitely hungry!

Then, trying to work on some campaign items. Looked over the workout for tomorrow.
We read the post from the CrossFit gym that there will be no more Zoom as they prepare to open the gym! How exciting but it is a bit sad for Grace and me since I was doing so well.
Grace and I read over the workout and decided what we would do for tomorrow. We will still get up at 5:30 and do our workout we’ll see how it goes.

So, another weekend has gone as fast as it arrived. See you tomorrow and hope everyone had a great weekend!


Friday Already?

June 19, 2020

Sometimes the weeks seem so long and sometimes they fly by. Busy week and last day of CrossFit and then a two-day break. Who will workout this morning? Lacey, Karrie, Grace, and me.

General Warm-Up

Jump Rope Warm-Up
0:20 single unders
0:20 single leg single unders (I actually did a couple of these)
0:20 side to sides (I can actually do some of these)
0:20 forward and backs
0:20 in and outs
0:20 double unders
0:20 triple unders
Not sure I’ll ever get these jump rope things figured out.

Skill and Build Up

Bar Muscle Up Warm-up
2 Rounds
10 PVC pass-throughs
10 reverse grip PVC pass-throughs
10 Cuban press
*PVc or light barbell
10 band pull-aparts

2 sets
5 Scap retractions  (push up scap retractions)
5 beat swings (10 lb db bent over rows)
3 strict pull-ups —-Nothing here

2 sets
2 bar muscle-ups, bar muscle-up attempts or bar muscle-up movement modification

3 bar muscle-ups  (15 db bent over rows)
5 wall ball shots (10 lb db goblet thrusters)
10 double unders (single unders)

Every 6:00 for 3 rounds
10 bar muscle-ups
40 wall ball shots
80 double unders

No area for bar muscle-ups or wall balls?
Every 6:00 for 3 rounds
10 strict chest to bar pull-ups or ring rows (20 – 15lb db set bent over rows)
30-40 Goblet thrusters, reps depend on load being used (30 – 10lb goblet thrusters)
80 double unders (100 single unders)

Accessory Work and Cool Down
100 banded lat press downs
100 band face pulls
This is a structural balance element. Use a band that is light and allows for high reps to be performed quickly

This was really tough to do 100 of each of these. My shoulders are pretty sore now.

That was it for this week folks. Two days to rest – that should feel good.

See you on Monday! Hope you have a great day and a great weekend!




Thursday – Almost End of Week

June 18, 2020

Wow, I’m really tired this week. Guess it’s really because I don’t go to bed early enough and then I get up way too early. Oh well, someday in my life I’ll get more sleep 🙂

Who will be working out today? Lots of people – Bob, Dave, Aaron, Nikki, Reanna, Lacey, Grace, and me.

General Warm-Up
3:00 row, bike, run or jump rope (bike)

CHAN Warm-Up
8/8 spiderman lunges
10/10 lateral lunges
inchworm + push-ups (5,4,3,2,1)
10/10 windmills
10/10 arm circles forward/backward
10 arm pretzels
10/10 shoulder rolls/ forward/backward
10/10 wrist circles

Skill and Build Up
Back Squat Warm-up
2 rounds
5 squat therapy reps (5 air squats)
0:30/0:30 single leg glute bridge
5 VMO goblet squats @ 22×2 tempo (0:02 down, 0:02 bottom, fast up, 0:02 top) (10lb db)
0:30/0:30 single leg glute bridges

10 back squats, empty bar (10 front squats 10 lb set)
0:10 ring top support hold (10 couch dips)
0:10 ring bottom, support hold
5 back squats, light load (5 front squats 10 lb set)
5 jumping pull-ups + slow lowering (5 couch dips)
3 back squats, moderate load (3 front squats 10 lb set)
3 weighted ring dips (3 floor press 10 lb set)
*all dip variations can be performed with feet on ground or with band assistance

EMOM 21:00
Minute 1: 5 back squats (10-20 front squats 15 – 15 lb, 12 – 15 lb, 15 – 10 lb, 15 – 10 lb, 12 – 10 lb, 12 – 10 lb, 10 – 10 lb)
Minute 2: 5 weighted ring dips, unbroken (15 – floor press 15 lb set
Minute 3: rest
(compare to 3/10/20 –

Accessory Work
2 rounds
15/15 side plank
25 skull crushers (10 lb db)

Zooming on a Wednesday

June 17, 2020

Another day of CrossFit at home, will we ever be able to go to the gym?

Who will be onscreen today? Dave, Bob, Nikki, Lacey, Heather, Grace, and me.

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
10 cal row or bike (1:00)
15 PVC pass-throughs
30 jumping jacks
0:45 squat with hand reaches

Skill and Build-Up
Workout Prep
*with light dumbbell
5/5 single-arm dumbbell overhead reverse lunge (5lb)
5/5 Turkish get-up sit-ups
3/3/ Turkish get-ups

3/3/ Turkish get-ups, medium
5 broad jumps, easy
5 low box jumps (step-ups)

2/2 Turkish get-ups workout weight
3 box jumps, medium (step-ups)
3 box jumps, high

For time: 23:25
5 rounds
5/5 Turkish get-ups (5lb db – could not get up – I think only on like 3 – then I went to doing all Turkish sit-ups 10/10
10 box jumps (step-ups on 12 inch box)
15/12 cal row or air bike (1:10-1:15 bike)

We had to leave when we were finished as we have to be at the dentist office by 7:00 a.m. – sounds fun.


It’s only Tuesday

June 16, 2020

I think I’m tired…stayed up too late last night working on projects.

Who will be working out this morning? Bob, Dave, Reanna, Lacey, Heather, Grace, and me.

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
0:45/0:45 Supine banded hamstring stretch
8/8 single leg good mornings, use a 0:03 negative phase
10/10 dynamic calf stretch, hold the stretch for 0:03
150m run (bike 1:00)

Skill and Build-Up
Deadlift Progression (3 steps)
*with an empty barbell
2 Rounds
5 from top, to the knees and stand
5 from top, to knees, to shins, to knees, and stand
5 deadlift

deadlifts, increasing in load each round
complete 1-2 sets of a 200m run during this timeframe (biked 1:30)

Every 2:00 for 20:00 (10 sets)
5 deadlifts
200m run

Every 2:00 for 20:00 (10 sets)
10 dumbbell deadlifts (15lb db set)
200m run (bike 1:00)

Accessory Work and Cool Down
1:00/1:00 pigeon stretch on the floor

Another good workout…have a good day!!