Gold Stars?

Nothing too exciting today. Just another day at the quiet school. Somedays it is nice that there are no interruptions and you can actually get work done. But this is NOT how it is supposed to be.

My nephew Matt called me today. It was great to talk but had to hang up as my work phone was ringing and needed to take care of some business 🙂 But it was great and I told him I’ll call him soon – probably one evening when I’m out walking. Oh, I have to tell you that Matt is a Dr. doing his residency in Salt Lake City. We are so very proud of him! Matt is the oldest of my 17 nieces and nephews and he was definitely my first love! Him and I were such buddies while he was growing up. I’m happy that he will still take the time to talk to his old aunt 🙂

After work I went for my daily walk. Walked 1.97 miles while talking to my friend Lisa. It is always such a joy to talk with her. She’s someone  I can totally be myself with and we both just say whatever we feel like….even if it’s at the same time!!

While walking I came upon gold stars. Hmmmm…I wonder what those are from?? I decided that someone was trying to make me feel good. They wanted me to know that I deserve a “gold star” for walking so much these days.

Ya know, I really love these maps. I think I’m going to try to purposely walk in various directions so my maps don’t come out so square or rectangle. I think they should look more creative. So, perhaps in the next couple of days, I will come up with something that looks fun!

Olivia made tater tot casserole and we enjoyed dinner. When we were finished, I had a video call from Rowan. Well, she had a whole group video going. She was bored and decided that she should talk to Grandma, Aunt Teresa, Victoria, and Aunt Beth. Aunt Beth must have been busy as she never did answer. Victoria was headed outside to take Oliver for a walk. It was fun to walk around her apartment complex with her. She then went and sat in the dog park area in the middle of the complex so Oliver could get off his leash. How fun it was to watch him run around and then especially fun when some children from the apartments came out to play with him. You could tell one of them had played with Oliver before because she was not afraid of him jumping on her and she was trying to tell her friends it was ok too.

Always fun to video chat with those you love 🙂


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