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Saturday Fun with Family

May 9, 2020



Saturday afternoon Grace and Olivia redid our front window. Moved things over and added a banner (created by Mrs. Shanna Cote – she’s a gem).




Spent the evening at Brendan and Torrie’s house (brother and sister-in-law) and don’t forget Rowan! Dinner of pizza from the Pizza Barn in Reading. Mom, Beth and Julia joined us. Fun to see them.

Grace took Rowan on a bike/scooter ride. They were gone for awhile. I guess they went to visit Kenni and Hatti and see their dog.




After dinner we sat around and talked and then Rowan offered cake to everyone. This cake was in honor of Mrs. Miller and her new baby, Conner Scott.



Was getting late, already after 10:00 p.m. and decided we really needed to head out. My niece Emma showed up out of nowhere…best news of the day…

There will be a wedding in August or September!! Emma and Austin will be getting married!! Congratulations!!!


Day 54

May 8, 2020

The smell of a gym floor being refinished stinks and stirs up all kinds of thoughts. Typically the smell of floor refinishing means students will be back in school soon, sports seasons will be starting, and students will be playing in there whenever possible. Reality check…not allowed to have students in the building, no-one is allowed to be playing in a gym, there are no sports…so yes this stinks all of this and definitely the smell!!

Colts will survive and our teams will be in that gym soon working hard and being the fierce competitors they are. I can’t wait!

The governor’s plan for the state of Michigan was revealed….we will be locked up forever…just saying…

MI plan

Worked half the day at home. Did get quite a bit done which always feels good. Then, the girls had me go to the track with them. Actually, we left at the same time but I got there after them. They drove and I walked 🙂 Took only 15 minutes to get there. Such a sad time walking on the track…my daughters shouldn’t be practicing by themselves, the track should be filled with athletes and tomorrow should be Regionals…there should be lots already happening tonight in preparation for tomorrow. But we are the Colts and we will get through this…tougher and stronger than ever. Just sad for my daughter, Grace missing her Senior year of Track…she was so looking forward to it and it was going to be her year! We were ready for all kinds of good things to happen for her. Guess her work now will help prepare her for a great 1st year of college track.

After we got home, took some pictures of Grace so everyone will know where she has decided to go to college…


Dinner time, chicken and rice, compliments of Olivia. During dinner, Rowan called and we were able to visit with her, Grandma and little Mark in North Carolina. So fun to have video chat capabilities.

Finishing the day with a phone call with my friend Lisa (perhaps you need to start texting me in the mornings to see what kind of walking I’ve already done:) ), writing and baking a cherry crisp…’cause after all, who wouldn’t love to eat a cherry crisp on day 54 of quarantine….and you know, I think a nice Michigan Cherry wine cooler will go nicely with this 🙂

My walking map didn’t look too bad today…we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Quarantine Sadness…

May 7, 2020

Today ended up being so sad and depressing. Another 13 days added to the Stay at Home quarantine. I understand the seriousness of this disease but at some point we have to start going back into society.

I am so very, very, sad for the Class of 2020. Since I have a Senior it makes it that much more depressing. We are so proud of her accomplishments and the hardwork she has put in to her studies and her sports. I’m just sad that we will not be celebrating Grace’s graduation from high school like we did her older siblings. No graduation at the end of the month and no party. We’ll just have to come up with something to still try to make this special until we can somehow, someday watch her graduate.

Came home from work and felt so bummed out that I didn’t even want to walk. Olivia told me I had to go because walking is good when you are sad and depressed. So off I went, Victoria and Oliver ended up with me today for the 2.3 mile walk. I was really trying to make a cooler map, but somehow it is still pretty rectangular….

Home just in time for dinner, hamburger gravy on noodles. Good job Grace dinner was great.

Video messenger with Rowan. She was eating her dinner. Talked about her day and then she had to go. Love how she calls, talks and then just has to go!

No one felt like doing much so watching a season of Taskmaster seemed to add a bit of humor for the day.

Hope to find some positives out of tomorrow.

Awesome Day

May 7, 2020

Happy Birthday to my bestest friend ever, Valery Griffiths! We have known each other since we were in the first grade. We have had our share of ups and downs but the ups and all the fun sure have outweighed the downs. So many memories come to mind when I think about us — high school, college years, marriages, babies, too many to even count. I am so lucky to have you as such a great friend! No matter how long between our talks these days, I know you are always there for me! Love you much and hope you had a fabulous day!!

Valery and I go way back as you see from above. So, of course, I thought of her as soon as I got up this morning. Hope she had a wonderful day.

Nothing too exciting through the day. Well, we did have a staff meeting! Wednesdays are fun because we get to see everyone. We all show up to the meeting wherever we might be…work, home, kitchen, living room, den…and today it was quite odd as everyone was either wearing red or had something red with them. Odd…oh wait…that’s Mr. Roberts favorite color (NOT). It has been great to still be able to have fun even if we can’t be together.

After work, I went on my daily walk. Today I talked to Julia (one of my nieces) while I walked 2.03 miles. I love being able to talk with my nieces and nephews whenever I feel like it. I have always loved being an Aunt and it is very special to me that they will take the time to still talk to me even as they grow older.

Check out the cool map Julia and I made on our walk.

Dinner was chicken alfredo made by Grace. Great job Grace! It was delicious and I even have some for lunch tomorrow.

After dinner, the girls decided I should go to the track with them. Grace was working on shot put and Olivia was going to ride her bike. I guess I’m walking. So, I called my mom and we chatted while I was walking. Had to go when Grace decided I needed to take some video of her throwing the shot-put. Oh, and then even I got a turn. My first throw of the season was NOT very good. But this old lady couldn’t even remember how I was supposed to do it!!

We then headed for home and just as I got home, I got to talk to another one of my nieces, Rowan. She called and chatted about her day, the money she is saving to buy more horses or even a cow, then she was telling me about the Mother’s Day art project she was making. She sent me a photo so I could see what she was doing. It was so cute. Then she said, “did you look at the other one?” what other one? oh I see it, there is another photo….


…my heart melted. She is so sweet. Did I tell that I really love being an Aunt and I love my nieces and nephews? What an awesome way to finish the day.


Another week in quarantine begins…

May 5, 2020


Another Monday arriving at school knowing that there won’t be any students in the building. So sad and I miss all the kids. The school building is supposed to have children in it! Today is our weekly drop-off/pick-up of school work. It’s nice to get a chance to see a few of the families.

Today was also our spring flower delivery day. I went down and helped unload the truck and sort some of the flowers. Then, back up to help answer phone, empty and sort papers from folders. Got lots of steps in today.

Went for a walk when I got home, tried to call a couple of people but they weren’t available to talk. So, I called my phone buddy who I know is ALWAYS available to talk…my dear niece Rowan. We have all kinds of phone conversations at all times of the day. Hope she always calls me when she needs someone to talk to.

Got home from the walk just in time for a delicious dinner of stuffed peppers made by Grace. Her first attempt and they were very good. The kids and I then decided that whoever wanted to go for a walk could go and get ice cream. WAIT — who made up that rule???!! I normally jump in my car and drive to the ice cream store. Oh, ok…I guess I did? This quarantine thing is definitely getting to me….I chose to walk to the ice cream store. Wow… very odd….


Another beautiful day

May 3, 2020

Girls and I went out and about to run errands, cleaned up a few things in the house, and Olivia put fertilizer on the lawn. Grace then needed to finish some homework and Olivia sorted through clothes. I went outside and sat in my “home office” and did a couple things for work. It was so beautiful out there.

Later, Grace and I headed up to the track to take some more photos of her. Senior year is just such a bummer for her. We then came home and took a walk while we were waiting for dinner to be finished.

The day was relaxing but fun as well.



May 2, 2020

Oh my heavens, today felt like Summer! Is it? Ok, fine, my son brings me to reality and tells me that technically it is only spring and we live in Michigan.

The girls and I worked out in the yard digging rose of sharon trees to move out in front of the house, moving some bricks, breaking back the trumpet vine, mowing the lawn, cleaning deck furniture and setting up the summer outdoor living space.

We are looking forward to Monday when the flowers arrive and we can plant some prettiness in our flower boxes, pots, and chairs.

We were then able to relax a bit outside while Noah grilled pork steaks for dinner.
I enjoyed taking pictures and videos of the kids as they were enjoying the outside as well.

The sounds of summer were great as well…Grace playing her guitar, the girls singing without a care in the world, and the sizzling of steaks on the grill.


First Track Meet of Season…Cancelled

March 25, 2020

We are so sad today as this should have been our first track meet of the season.

Guess when you can’t go to the track meet you can pretend and do a little in the house…just be careful I don’t think pole-vaulting was meant to be an inside your house sport?


Dinner tonight – pork chops on the grill…IMG_7535



Making Bread

March 19, 2020

March 19

After searching for flour and/or bread flour for a week, my husband finally hit the jackpot and found some. He had this great idea that we needed to make bread. So, he dug out the bread maker (that I’m sure hasn’t been used in 18 years or more) and checked it out and decided to make bread. Of course he really didn’t know what he was doing but we did end up with a loaf of bread to eat with the cheddar broccoli soup Grace made for dinner.

Ok….we had to laugh at our square loaf of bread. He said, I guess I didn’t put in enough yeast. I asked how much he used, and he said the there wasn’t quite enough in the package so he decided it was good enough. I told him that as he can see, you really should use the exact amount of yeast the recipe calls for. Oh well, it was still tasty.