Making Bread

March 19

After searching for flour and/or bread flour for a week, my husband finally hit the jackpot and found some. He had this great idea that we needed to make bread. So, he dug out the bread maker (that I’m sure hasn’t been used in 18 years or more) and checked it out and decided to make bread. Of course he really didn’t know what he was doing but we did end up with a loaf of bread to eat with the cheddar broccoli soup Grace made for dinner.

Ok….we had to laugh at our square loaf of bread. He said, I guess I didn’t put in enough yeast. I asked how much he used, and he said the there wasn’t quite enough in the package so he decided it was good enough. I told him that as he can see, you really should use the exact amount of yeast the recipe calls for. Oh well, it was still tasty.

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