Oh my heavens, today felt like Summer! Is it? Ok, fine, my son brings me to reality and tells me that technically it is only spring and we live in Michigan.

The girls and I worked out in the yard digging rose of sharon trees to move out in front of the house, moving some bricks, breaking back the trumpet vine, mowing the lawn, cleaning deck furniture and setting up the summer outdoor living space.

We are looking forward to Monday when the flowers arrive and we can plant some prettiness in our flower boxes, pots, and chairs.

We were then able to relax a bit outside while Noah grilled pork steaks for dinner.
I enjoyed taking pictures and videos of the kids as they were enjoying the outside as well.

The sounds of summer were great as well…Grace playing her guitar, the girls singing without a care in the world, and the sizzling of steaks on the grill.


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