Quarantine Sadness…

Today ended up being so sad and depressing. Another 13 days added to the Stay at Home quarantine. I understand the seriousness of this disease but at some point we have to start going back into society.

I am so very, very, sad for the Class of 2020. Since I have a Senior it makes it that much more depressing. We are so proud of her accomplishments and the hardwork she has put in to her studies and her sports. I’m just sad that we will not be celebrating Grace’s graduation from high school like we did her older siblings. No graduation at the end of the month and no party. We’ll just have to come up with something to still try to make this special until we can somehow, someday watch her graduate.

Came home from work and felt so bummed out that I didn’t even want to walk. Olivia told me I had to go because walking is good when you are sad and depressed. So off I went, Victoria and Oliver ended up with me today for the 2.3 mile walk. I was really trying to make a cooler map, but somehow it is still pretty rectangular….

Home just in time for dinner, hamburger gravy on noodles. Good job Grace dinner was great.

Video messenger with Rowan. She was eating her dinner. Talked about her day and then she had to go. Love how she calls, talks and then just has to go!

No one felt like doing much so watching a season of Taskmaster seemed to add a bit of humor for the day.

Hope to find some positives out of tomorrow.

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