Saturday Fun with Family



Saturday afternoon Grace and Olivia redid our front window. Moved things over and added a banner (created by Mrs. Shanna Cote – she’s a gem).




Spent the evening at Brendan and Torrie’s house (brother and sister-in-law) and don’t forget Rowan! Dinner of pizza from the Pizza Barn in Reading. Mom, Beth and Julia joined us. Fun to see them.

Grace took Rowan on a bike/scooter ride. They were gone for awhile. I guess they went to visit Kenni and Hatti and see their dog.




After dinner we sat around and talked and then Rowan offered cake to everyone. This cake was in honor of Mrs. Miller and her new baby, Conner Scott.



Was getting late, already after 10:00 p.m. and decided we really needed to head out. My niece Emma showed up out of nowhere…best news of the day…

There will be a wedding in August or September!! Emma and Austin will be getting married!! Congratulations!!!


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