Another week in quarantine begins…


Another Monday arriving at school knowing that there won’t be any students in the building. So sad and I miss all the kids. The school building is supposed to have children in it! Today is our weekly drop-off/pick-up of school work. It’s nice to get a chance to see a few of the families.

Today was also our spring flower delivery day. I went down and helped unload the truck and sort some of the flowers. Then, back up to help answer phone, empty and sort papers from folders. Got lots of steps in today.

Went for a walk when I got home, tried to call a couple of people but they weren’t available to talk. So, I called my phone buddy who I know is ALWAYS available to talk…my dear niece Rowan. We have all kinds of phone conversations at all times of the day. Hope she always calls me when she needs someone to talk to.

Got home from the walk just in time for a delicious dinner of stuffed peppers made by Grace. Her first attempt and they were very good. The kids and I then decided that whoever wanted to go for a walk could go and get ice cream. WAIT — who made up that rule???!! I normally jump in my car and drive to the ice cream store. Oh, ok…I guess I did? This quarantine thing is definitely getting to me….I chose to walk to the ice cream store. Wow… very odd….


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