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Making Bread

March 19, 2020

March 19

After searching for flour and/or bread flour for a week, my husband finally hit the jackpot and found some. He had this great idea that we needed to make bread. So, he dug out the bread maker (that I’m sure hasn’t been used in 18 years or more) and checked it out and decided to make bread. Of course he really didn’t know what he was doing but we did end up with a loaf of bread to eat with the cheddar broccoli soup Grace made for dinner.

Ok….we had to laugh at our square loaf of bread. He said, I guess I didn’t put in enough yeast. I asked how much he used, and he said the there wasn’t quite enough in the package so he decided it was good enough. I told him that as he can see, you really should use the exact amount of yeast the recipe calls for. Oh well, it was still tasty.

Day 3 and I’m still Alone

March 19, 2020

March 19 – Day 3

CrossFit from home is still NOT the same….I need to go outside when I get up (ok maybe not going outside isn’t as bad as I thought) – get myself to the gym (workouts are much better at the gym) — see all the great people I have met over the last few months (yes I do miss the people and doing these workouts with others)….how will I ever make it through this and how will I really get myself to keep doing this??? I know we will make it through this but how am I going to keep going?? Not too sure….I’m starting to worry about the weekend and if I take a break like I usually do – will I really start again on Monday???

3:00 bike easy 

2 rounds
25/25 ft (that’s how long my room is – 1 way)
banded monster walk variation, lateral only
0:30 Glute bridges (feel like I was able to push up a bit higher)
0:30 wall sit (actually the first 27 secs felt pretty good)
0:30 squat with hand reaches (I was amazed how far down I could actually squat – I think further than I ever have! – Now if I could only get my girls out of bed so they could help me record a few of these things!)

Back squat Build-up
3 rounds
1:00 dumbbell front squat (:03 lowering + :03 pause + :03 ascent) (10 lb dumbbell)
1:00 rest between sets

Transition and Build Up
10 step-ups, unloaded
5 Russian kettle bell swings, light (10 lb dumbbell)
6 step-ups (12 in box), dumbbell
5 kettle bell swings

40-30 for time
Box Step-ups (12 in box) – single dumbbell (10 lb)
Kettlebell Swing – light/moderate weight (10 lb)

Cool Down
5:00 bike 

I feel like I did good today. I was dripping sweat so that is always a good way to measure that I was at least working hard. I felt good about the squats. I felt like I had gotten really low.

The step-ups were good – I used a 12 in box and before I was using 4 – 45 lb plates (2.15″ each = 8.6″) I could definitely tell that it was harder. My legs were working to do that step up. (Ok, so I didn’t really figure out why my legs hurt so bad until late in the day when I discovered I had just gone from the 8.6″ step-up to a 12″ – yes, those added inches make a difference!)

I still need to see people, I still need a play list, I still need to hear Matt yelling over the music to encourage us to keep moving, I still need the encouragement from others….this is hard being in a quiet house, only one up….

Ok….I’ll find some positives… I’m just not there yet.

Oh…there is a positive!! Starting tomorrow we will be having class again! No, we can’t go to the gym, but Matt will hold class over Zoom! I just have to make sure I check in the evenings to see what is listed on Facebook for the workout the next day so I have things ready.

Oh my heavens, I thought of another positive…since I have had to do 3 days by myself, I posted my complete mornings each day on the CrossFit facebook so Matt would know what I actually did. This is actually a big deal because I really wasn’t comfortable sharing my workout days somewhere where others would actually see it! But I felt like they really wanted to know what we were doing so I felt I had to.  After posting each day and receiving really nice comments and words of encouragement, I actually think it’s good to post for others to see.

These CrossFit members are wonderful – so encouraging. They don’t care that I’m fat and 50, they just keep encouraging me and comment when they notice improvements! I really do miss all these people.

Excited about tomorrow to see who shows up for Zoom CrossFit…

Day 2 – Alone again…

March 18, 2020

March 18 – Day 2

CrossFit from home is still NOT the same….I need to go outside when I get up – get myself to the gym see all the great people I have met over the last few months….how will I ever make it through this and how will I really get myself to keep doing this???

Modified Hinshaw running warm-up
10 yards over the hurdle
10 yards knee to chest
10 yards figure 4
10 yards walking Samson stretch
10 yards toy soldiers
0:30 sitting arm swings
0:30 standing arm swings
10 yards toes out walk
10 yards toes in walk
10 yards walk on heels
10 yards walk on toes
10 yards walk on outside of feet
10 yards walk on inside of feet

Workout prep
2 rounds
100m shuttle run
50ft single under hops 

Well this did not go too well – decided I can’t run 100m in my house so I would just skip that part….thought the 50ft single under hops sounded fun and my ceiling definitely looks high enough, however I forgot to take into account the ceiling fan. Jump roping in a room with two ceiling fans just doesn’t really work so had to skip that. Perhaps later the girls and I can go out and jump rope.

So I decided I would just move on to the workout – wait a minute…it does not say Workout…it says Run Session. Really? Have these people seen me? I am definitely not a runner – I’m a fat, 50 year old! Guess they think my kids are doing this with me because they are the runners not me! And really, at 5:30 a.m. my kids are in bed! 

OK it’s dark outside I won’t go run by myself in the dark. OK I’ll be honest I’m not really sure I’m gonna go run five minutes even if it is daylight and even if I am with someone (didn’t you hear me, I’m fat & 50) so I decided the bike would be a good choice.

Guess what? The notes say I can use a bike —so biking it is…

Run Session (Biking)
5 Rounds
5:00 bike
1:00 rest

I have to tell you the Smart WOD timer is definitely awesome! Thank you Matt for telling me about this! Put it up on the big TV and it works great wasn’t sure I was going to make it through all five rounds but somehow I did. Definitely not the same as riding a bike at the gym and listening to people keeping you going OK did I tell you that this is NOT the same as being at CrossFit?

Strength and accessory work
3 rounds for quality
0:30 second bent over dumbbell rows (15lb set – PR)
15 to 20 arm haulers  (I think I did 2 but my mind said I couldn’t do it – didn’t have anyone telling me I could)
15 to 20 tuck crunch (I did a 20 sec hollow hold but after 2 — I couldn’t do it – I was done)

Not very good today but at least I still did something and I was still sweating so I did work hard but I think if I had been at the gym I would have worked harder.

Did I tell you yet that this is NOT the same as being at the gym??

Quarantine Phone Fun…

March 18, 2020

March 18

One thing with this quarantine is it is giving me the opportunity to catch up with people I haven’t talked to in awhile as well as talk with Victoria more often.
When we talk to Victoria it’s fun to also talk with Oliver and watch him play. He can really make us laugh. Tonight Victoria and Henry were playing catch (keep away) with a hat and Oliver ran back and forth between and tried to get the hat. Then, as he was running for it, Henry quickly put it on his own head. It was hilarious…even though Oliver had his eyes on that hat he had absolutely now idea where it went. He looked high and low, under all the furniture, around things, he kept looking everywhere. It was so funny to watch him searching everywhere!


All Alone…CrossFit from Home

March 17, 2020

March 17 – Day 1

Well, the workout equipment looks like I should be able to do whatever I need to, but where are the people??

CrossFit from home is NOT the same….I need to go outside when I get up – get myself to the gym see all the great people I have met over the last few months….how will I ever make it through this and how will I really get myself to keep doing this??? 

Warm-up – EMOM 9:00
Minute 1: Bike
Minute 2: push-up to down dog, pause :03 in down dog position
Minute 3: plate overhead reverse lunges (tried first rounds with db but then other rounds without)

Upper Body Strength
Every 3 mom for 12:00 (4 sets)

5 DB shoulder press – 10 lb set
15 DB Push-ups
:02 lower, fast up, :02 top fast down

Accomplished – after 1st set had to do push-ups on my knees

Conditioning – EMOM x 12
:40 mx 10m shuttle run
:40 wall facing shoulder taps (I scaled to plank shoulder taps)
:40 DB bear crawl (I tried with DB for 1st set – too hard went to regular bear crawl)

Accomplished – could only do 8 sets

Cool Down – 2 mins on bike

Lots of issues doing it by myself – need music – need timing app on my iPad so clock is bigger — better yet, I need to get iPad connected with apple TV to big screen so I can see the workout and clock on the screen — need someone yelling encouragement – I quit after 8 sets on conditioning and I’m pretty sure if I had been at the gym Matt would have been yelling – keep working, work hard, almost there — I would have kept going. Being alone,  my self said — that was hard enough – 8 will be fine….

Help! – how am I going to make it through doing this at home….on the positive side – I was dripping sweat so at least I know I was working hard…. 

Guess another positive….I’ve always wanted to write a book…after I started CrossFit I came up with a great title and only have a few paragraphs written….well, I feel like I have time to sit and reflect when I’m done with this workout today…so I’m just writing out my thoughts…I think I’ll look for perhaps a blogging platform that I can use so I can track everything there….and then taking parts of every mornings activities and thoughts…maybe I’ll get a book written 🙂

No School…Homeschool…

March 16, 2020

My day began as normal, get up at 4:45 a.m. put on my workout clothes and go to the gym for the 5:30 a.m. CrossFit class. Finished the workout, felt good – feel like I’m really getting somewhere finally!

Home to shower, eat breakfast and off to work. However, I felt a bit uneasy today…knowing that I was going to school and would not see any students as well as knowing I was leaving my daughters at home to do home school. This is definitely not what any of us would have ever dreamed would happen.

Michigan’s governor has placed the state under a Stay Home order until April 6th. Ok, so we can do this for 3 weeks. One of those is to be spring break so we’ll get through.

So weird at school, hallways empty but lockers still decorated and papers hanging out the bottom of some.

At home the girls set up designated school work spaces. They have their work so hopefully they can do well on getting things done. They have a schedule of when/how their work will get done just as if they were at school.

Day 1 seemed to go ok. It’s not the same but temporarily they will be ok and this will work.



now what will I do???

March 16, 2020

Got up as normal at 4:45 a.m. got ready and headed to the gym to begin my 5:30 workout. Before we began class, Matt again told us he had not yet heard anything about the governor closing them down but he expected it would probably be soon. So, if/when that happens, he and Alicia will do whatever needed to help you continue your fitness. They will check-out equipment if you need it, whatever.

We then began the workout and I felt really good. Well, of course, it is a Monday. I almost always feel ok on a Monday. My body has had a little time to rest.
(Sorry somehow I didn’t write today’s workout down.)

Class ended at 6:30 a.m. and headed home to shower and begin my work day. I went to school (I can still go in to work) and started to catch-up on things. Around 3:00 p.m. I heard on the radio that the governor had signed an executive order closing all gyms and fitness centers. WHAT?? NOW WHAT??? WHAT WILL I DO??  Sure enough…I checked my phone and there was a message from Matt and Alicia stating that they would be closing the gym at 3:00 p.m. as ordered. However, they would be at the gym for you to borrow equipment from until 5:00 p.m. IT IS TRUE…NOW WHAT??? WHAT WILL I DO?? I have been doing so well. How in the world will I continue to workout without anyone? Needless to say, I was crushed…so sad that I had been doing so well, going 5 days a week. Not giving up, how in the world would I continue this?

Mike Roberts told me I could borrow whatever I needed to from the workout room at school. I went down and took a few pictures of what is there so I could go to the gym and talk to Matt and figure out what I needed and how I was going to do this.

Went home, went to the chiropractor, and then Grace and I went to the gym. I told Matt and Alicia how very sad I was about this and I’m not sure how I’m going to do this? Matt said not to worry he was going to come up with something just keep working and we would hear from him soon.

I reviewed the equipment I have and have available with Matt – stretchy bands, PVC pipe, Abmat, 10lb wall ball, jump rope, exercise bike and then whatever dumbbells he thinks I need as well as borrow some rings as I really like doing ring rows. Matt suggested I go pick up the box stepper and dumbbells (sets of 10lb, 15, and 25 lbs.) Ok, but I did question the 25lb set as I have never even used those at the gym. However, he did have a point that I can lift that much and more with the barbell.

Ok…I am sure you are wondering WHY I have all this exercise equipment if I didn’t exercise? Yes, I know…crazy. Well, actually for Christmas I ended up with a number of Amazon gift cards. I decided I was going to wait and purchase things I wanted instead of the things we always need around here. I started looking and decided I needed the stretchy bands, Abmat and wall ball as those would be good to have at home since there are many simple exercises that can be done with them and besides, I actually like using those things.

I was now all set with everything I might need but the question remains…how in the world will I do CrossFit myself? I will never work as hard doing these workouts myself. But I guess I’ll have to try…




Moving Home from U of M

March 15, 2020


Life is definitely changing. My niece Julia (a junior at U of M) has to move out of her Sorority house. The College is going to online classes and campus housing has been closed.

Olivia and I went to Ann Arbor and met my brother-in-law to help with the move-out and haul her things to Eaton Rapids. The move went so smoothly. Julia and her friends were so organized and carried things to the van so quick. I worked at putting everything in and making it fit – tetris style 🙂

Julia was sad as she said good-bye to the housemother and her friends. My heartbreaks for these kids having to go through something like this.

Before heading to Eaton Rapids we stopped at Bob Evans for lunch. So weird to drive through Ann Arbor with so very little traffic. The restaurant only had like one other couple in there, very quiet. We enjoyed some laughs with Joe and Julia. Finished up and Joe headed home while Julia, Olivia, and I headed to Meijer and Target to look for bathing suits. We didn’t spend too much time but so nice to just hang out with Julia for awhile.

Finally ended up in Eaton Rapids, unloaded the van, and was surprised at our Thank You gift…just what everyone needs right now…


Best Thank You gift ever!!!!

life comes to a screeching halt…

March 13, 2020

and just like that….Friday the 13th (March)… school and all of our activities are postponed.

Postponed? …how does that work? When will we begin to do things again? When will school start again (very important question when the oldest child at home is a high school Senior)? When will track season begin? (both girls at home are Varsity athletes and really looking forward to Track)

We woke up this morning to the news that our governor is closing all large events and all K-12 schools.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-5 to cancel all events over 250 people and all assemblages in shared spaces over 250 people beginning on Friday, March 13 at 5:00pm and ending on Sunday, April 5 at 5:00pm. The governor’s executive order also closes all K-12 school buildings to students from Monday, March 16 until Sunday, April 5.

What?? Today is the last day of school for three weeks?? What about the boys district final basketball game??

Headed to school knowing today was our last day for three weeks. Talking to children in the lobby before school where many were trying to figure out if this is good and fun to be gone from school or what is really going to happen? Some hadn’t heard anything and wondered if it were true? Some children asked me if I would be sure to change lunch tables when they come back and even told me what tables they wanted to sit at. I told them they would have to remind me when we returned.

Teachers constantly busy throughout the day between teaching classes, discussing current situation with students, and preparing all the materials to send home with students to be sure to cover two weeks of study at home. Thank goodness one week that we will miss was already our planned spring break.

The end of the school day seemed a bit sad as we said goodbye to students and told them we’d see them in three weeks.

My daughters were sad as they attended a track team meeting after school and were told they could not practice as a team until further notice. However, their coach gave them workouts to do on their own or if a few of them wanted to get together and do things that would be great.

How disappointed my girls were when they came home. No track until who knows when. But, they both still had attitudes of we have to keep working for when track does start.

The worldwide pandemic of the Covid-19 virus is definitely changing our world.

CrossFit – Friday the 13th

March 13, 2020

AMRAP 14:00
0:30 double dumbbell overhead holds (10 lb set)
15 dumbbell floor press
7 dumbbell power cleans

I ended up doing 5 rounds so I guess for me that is pretty good.

I am actually at the point where I go home and write down what I did! My kids have tried telling me from the start to record what I do because it will be great later to look back and see how far I’ve gotten.

Oh, and what a great day today…Sonja brought a mimosa bar and donuts to celebrate her birthday! Hope you have a great birthday this weekend Sonja!

Guess this is all for now….(sorry if you get sick of reading about it)


Toilet Paper????

March 12, 2020

Ok, so we had been to Walmart over the weekend to buy Noah groceries before he headed back to college. What really changed between Saturday and Thursday? Olivia and I were in Walmart tonight and it seemed so very weird…

…no soap, no hand sanitizer, no toilet paper, no disinfectant wipes, no ramen noodles, limited canned vegetables… what is going on?

We are being told this virus is respiratory…so why the rush on toilet paper? I have heard nothing about symptoms that would cause excess bathroom usage?? And…didn’t people wash their hands before now?

All I can say right now is that I am glad we bought three large packages of toilet paper over the weekend (which was really weird because I NEVER buy extra, we are typically a household who waits until there is only one roll left in the entire house and then we buy more)!

CrossFit…Me at 50, really??

March 12, 2020

I LOVED that Victoria surprised me and came home for a month! Wonderful surprise on December 7th. Since she was going to be home she asked if I would go to CrossFit with her. I told her that my back hurt and I needed to see the chiropractor before I did anything. (I didn’t tell her I was having flashbacks to July when I couldn’t sit down for days. What was she trying to do to me?)

Well, Monday, December 9 she went to the local CrossFit Gym – CrossFit Timoro to attend their noon class. She met Matt and Alicia and told them she was home and was going to try to get her mom to come to the 5:30 a.m. class. So they would see her again tomorrow either 5:30 a.m. or noon.

That evening, she told me about the gym and how nice all the people were and she really liked Matt and Alicia. She was sure I would like them and all the people that go. Heck she was surprised some people knew her! One person asked if she had attended Mary Randall Preschool. She was sure I would probably know people there.

She asked if I would go to the 5:30 a.m. class. I told her I didn’t think it would work because I need to be to work between 7:15 and 7:30 and that would never work with shower schedule for everyone else. She said she would tell her dad he needed to be out of the shower by 630 because I needed to get in. She also informed me that I still get up early (even if I don’t have to) and then I sit and don’t really do anything before I have to go to work. So there really is no reason why I can’t go to the 5:30 a.m. class and she would get up and go with me.

Ok….why do kids have to point out the facts and manipulate you in to exercising? Really, I have not had time to exercise, it doesn’t work, we are so busy all the time. So why does Victoria have to come home and point out that I really don’t do anything in the morning but waste time? Why does she have to tell me there is no reason why I can’t attend a 5:30 a.m. exercise class? Really, she’s going to get me to go pay to exercise. Ok…whatever, I’ll give it a try and at least go while she’s home. We can spend time together.

December 10th, 5:30 a.m. we show up at the CrossFit Timoro facility. Oh, did I mention the gym is located like two or three minutes from my house? Matt was happy to see Victoria return…and with her mom. I completed the forms and let him know that I really do not exercise so I will probably die. He assured me I would be fine.

We began the class and everyone was very friendly. I had no clue what any of the terminology meant…squats, front rack, deadlift, banded oblique twists. Matt was very good at explaining things and showing how to do things (he stresses how to do things correctly). Once he got the warm-up started, he would tell me how he wanted me to do each thing. He had a scale for everything.

The hour class went by very quickly and I told Victoria that I would go everyday with her while she was home.

So the journey began….slowly…learning terminology, using PVC pipe and a naked barbell, complete modification on everything I did. I recall day two having to jumprope. I said to myself, “I used to love to jumprope. I could jump rope for hours. I could even jump rope when I was 9 months pregnant for my fourth child.”  To discover I could no longer jumprope not even one time – this was terrible, really?? I always thought jump roping was easy.  So now a scale for even a simple jumprope activity – jumping without a rope. Thought I was going to die from that too, but I guess you have to start somewhere and maybe someday I’ll actually be able to jump rope again.

I’m not sure a 50 year old is cut out to begin exercising on a regular basis. Really…the pain in my legs and my knees…what am I doing to myself?