All Alone…CrossFit from Home

March 17 – Day 1

Well, the workout equipment looks like I should be able to do whatever I need to, but where are the people??

CrossFit from home is NOT the same….I need to go outside when I get up – get myself to the gym see all the great people I have met over the last few months….how will I ever make it through this and how will I really get myself to keep doing this??? 

Warm-up – EMOM 9:00
Minute 1: Bike
Minute 2: push-up to down dog, pause :03 in down dog position
Minute 3: plate overhead reverse lunges (tried first rounds with db but then other rounds without)

Upper Body Strength
Every 3 mom for 12:00 (4 sets)

5 DB shoulder press – 10 lb set
15 DB Push-ups
:02 lower, fast up, :02 top fast down

Accomplished – after 1st set had to do push-ups on my knees

Conditioning – EMOM x 12
:40 mx 10m shuttle run
:40 wall facing shoulder taps (I scaled to plank shoulder taps)
:40 DB bear crawl (I tried with DB for 1st set – too hard went to regular bear crawl)

Accomplished – could only do 8 sets

Cool Down – 2 mins on bike

Lots of issues doing it by myself – need music – need timing app on my iPad so clock is bigger — better yet, I need to get iPad connected with apple TV to big screen so I can see the workout and clock on the screen — need someone yelling encouragement – I quit after 8 sets on conditioning and I’m pretty sure if I had been at the gym Matt would have been yelling – keep working, work hard, almost there — I would have kept going. Being alone,  my self said — that was hard enough – 8 will be fine….

Help! – how am I going to make it through doing this at home….on the positive side – I was dripping sweat so at least I know I was working hard…. 

Guess another positive….I’ve always wanted to write a book…after I started CrossFit I came up with a great title and only have a few paragraphs written….well, I feel like I have time to sit and reflect when I’m done with this workout today…so I’m just writing out my thoughts…I think I’ll look for perhaps a blogging platform that I can use so I can track everything there….and then taking parts of every mornings activities and thoughts…maybe I’ll get a book written 🙂

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