Day 3 and I’m still Alone

March 19 – Day 3

CrossFit from home is still NOT the same….I need to go outside when I get up (ok maybe not going outside isn’t as bad as I thought) – get myself to the gym (workouts are much better at the gym) — see all the great people I have met over the last few months (yes I do miss the people and doing these workouts with others)….how will I ever make it through this and how will I really get myself to keep doing this??? I know we will make it through this but how am I going to keep going?? Not too sure….I’m starting to worry about the weekend and if I take a break like I usually do – will I really start again on Monday???

3:00 bike easy 

2 rounds
25/25 ft (that’s how long my room is – 1 way)
banded monster walk variation, lateral only
0:30 Glute bridges (feel like I was able to push up a bit higher)
0:30 wall sit (actually the first 27 secs felt pretty good)
0:30 squat with hand reaches (I was amazed how far down I could actually squat – I think further than I ever have! – Now if I could only get my girls out of bed so they could help me record a few of these things!)

Back squat Build-up
3 rounds
1:00 dumbbell front squat (:03 lowering + :03 pause + :03 ascent) (10 lb dumbbell)
1:00 rest between sets

Transition and Build Up
10 step-ups, unloaded
5 Russian kettle bell swings, light (10 lb dumbbell)
6 step-ups (12 in box), dumbbell
5 kettle bell swings

40-30 for time
Box Step-ups (12 in box) – single dumbbell (10 lb)
Kettlebell Swing – light/moderate weight (10 lb)

Cool Down
5:00 bike 

I feel like I did good today. I was dripping sweat so that is always a good way to measure that I was at least working hard. I felt good about the squats. I felt like I had gotten really low.

The step-ups were good – I used a 12 in box and before I was using 4 – 45 lb plates (2.15″ each = 8.6″) I could definitely tell that it was harder. My legs were working to do that step up. (Ok, so I didn’t really figure out why my legs hurt so bad until late in the day when I discovered I had just gone from the 8.6″ step-up to a 12″ – yes, those added inches make a difference!)

I still need to see people, I still need a play list, I still need to hear Matt yelling over the music to encourage us to keep moving, I still need the encouragement from others….this is hard being in a quiet house, only one up….

Ok….I’ll find some positives… I’m just not there yet.

Oh…there is a positive!! Starting tomorrow we will be having class again! No, we can’t go to the gym, but Matt will hold class over Zoom! I just have to make sure I check in the evenings to see what is listed on Facebook for the workout the next day so I have things ready.

Oh my heavens, I thought of another positive…since I have had to do 3 days by myself, I posted my complete mornings each day on the CrossFit facebook so Matt would know what I actually did. This is actually a big deal because I really wasn’t comfortable sharing my workout days somewhere where others would actually see it! But I felt like they really wanted to know what we were doing so I felt I had to.  After posting each day and receiving really nice comments and words of encouragement, I actually think it’s good to post for others to see.

These CrossFit members are wonderful – so encouraging. They don’t care that I’m fat and 50, they just keep encouraging me and comment when they notice improvements! I really do miss all these people.

Excited about tomorrow to see who shows up for Zoom CrossFit…

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