Day 2 – Alone again…

March 18 – Day 2

CrossFit from home is still NOT the same….I need to go outside when I get up – get myself to the gym see all the great people I have met over the last few months….how will I ever make it through this and how will I really get myself to keep doing this???

Modified Hinshaw running warm-up
10 yards over the hurdle
10 yards knee to chest
10 yards figure 4
10 yards walking Samson stretch
10 yards toy soldiers
0:30 sitting arm swings
0:30 standing arm swings
10 yards toes out walk
10 yards toes in walk
10 yards walk on heels
10 yards walk on toes
10 yards walk on outside of feet
10 yards walk on inside of feet

Workout prep
2 rounds
100m shuttle run
50ft single under hops 

Well this did not go too well – decided I can’t run 100m in my house so I would just skip that part….thought the 50ft single under hops sounded fun and my ceiling definitely looks high enough, however I forgot to take into account the ceiling fan. Jump roping in a room with two ceiling fans just doesn’t really work so had to skip that. Perhaps later the girls and I can go out and jump rope.

So I decided I would just move on to the workout – wait a minute…it does not say Workout…it says Run Session. Really? Have these people seen me? I am definitely not a runner – I’m a fat, 50 year old! Guess they think my kids are doing this with me because they are the runners not me! And really, at 5:30 a.m. my kids are in bed! 

OK it’s dark outside I won’t go run by myself in the dark. OK I’ll be honest I’m not really sure I’m gonna go run five minutes even if it is daylight and even if I am with someone (didn’t you hear me, I’m fat & 50) so I decided the bike would be a good choice.

Guess what? The notes say I can use a bike —so biking it is…

Run Session (Biking)
5 Rounds
5:00 bike
1:00 rest

I have to tell you the Smart WOD timer is definitely awesome! Thank you Matt for telling me about this! Put it up on the big TV and it works great wasn’t sure I was going to make it through all five rounds but somehow I did. Definitely not the same as riding a bike at the gym and listening to people keeping you going OK did I tell you that this is NOT the same as being at CrossFit?

Strength and accessory work
3 rounds for quality
0:30 second bent over dumbbell rows (15lb set – PR)
15 to 20 arm haulers  (I think I did 2 but my mind said I couldn’t do it – didn’t have anyone telling me I could)
15 to 20 tuck crunch (I did a 20 sec hollow hold but after 2 — I couldn’t do it – I was done)

Not very good today but at least I still did something and I was still sweating so I did work hard but I think if I had been at the gym I would have worked harder.

Did I tell you yet that this is NOT the same as being at the gym??

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