Thursday CrossFitting – Lifting – July 8

Another day at the gym. About 10 people today – not too bad.

PMA always #positive mental attitude.

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)


2 Rounds
30ft/30ft Banded monster walk variation, lateral only
20 Band pull aparts
10 Banded overhead squats
10/10 Banded bird dogs
10/10 Dynamic calf stretch



Snatch and Overhead Squat Prep (~7:00)
2 Rounds *Perform the first round with a PVC pipe and the second round with an empty barbell
3 Pause snatch deadlifts
3 Snatch high pulls
3 Muscle snatches
3 Overhead squats
3 Power snatches
3 Snatch balance
3 Squat snatches

Build-up (~6:00) 4 Sets
2 Power snatches + 2 squat snatches + 2 overhead squats
Notes Take care of any final workout prep during this time.

  WORKOUT (~12:30)


Every 2:30 for 12:30 (5 sets)
1 Power snatch + 1 squat snatch + 1 overhead squat
Compare to May 5, 2021

Notes The first set is intended to be moderate and the load should feel heavy by set 3 with a max being achieved on set 4 or 5. The bar may be dropped between the power snatch and the squat snatch. Beyond the heavy lifting element of this session strive to maintain sound mechanics on all sets and decrease the load if this is compromised. Movement Options If performing an overhead squat or squat snatch presents a safety concern or leads to a significant technique issue, change to 3 power snatches. Or choose a power clean + squat clean + front squat variation. Minimal Equipment Options *Use dumbbells or kettlebells building up in load over each set and using the clean variation.

Set #1 = 50#

Set #2 = 55#

Set #3 = 60#

Set #4 = 60#

Set #5 = 60#


  WORKOUT (~10:00)


For time
75 Double unders = 100 singles
25 Overhead squats (95lbs/65lbs) = 45# empty bar
60 Double unders = 100 singles
20 Overhead squats = 45# empty bar – front squat
45 Double unders = 90 singles
15 Overhead squats = 45# empty bar – front squat
30 Double unders = 60 singles
10 Overhead squats = 45# empty bar – front squat
15 Double unders = 30 singles
5 Overhead squats = 45# empty bar – front squat

Notes This is intended to be a short duration effort where unbroken sets and fast transitions are to be attempted. Faster times could be as low as 5:00 while the intent is for all efforts to be completed in under 7:00-8:00. Double Unders *30 lateral bar hops in place of each set of double unders. *Single unders for double the reps. Overhead Squat *Use a load that allows for unbroken sets to be performed. *Front squat if an overhead squat cannot be performed. Dum

bbell Options 5 Rounds for time 50 Double unders 20 1-arm dumbbell overhead squats, alternate as feels appropriate Bodyweight Only 5 Rounds for time 50 Double unders 25 Jumping air squats 3 Wall walks

Tough workout today. I thought jump roping had gotten easier. But all those singles really made my legs ache.

Oh well, have a good day everyone.

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