CrossFit in the Evening – July 22, 2021

Went to the gym this morning but Coach Fisher overslept and didn’t show up. So, Kari, Renee and I went to the high school, walked the track, ran up and down the bleachers (well I only did it once – Renee was the crazy one and I think she did it about 100 times.)

A person too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.


Band glute activation
10/10 Right leg matching steps forward/backward
10/10 Leftt leg matching steps forward/backward
10/10 Lateral matching steps

Then, Deadlift Warm-up (A)
10 Goblet squats @ 22×1 tempo *0:02 down, 0:02 bottom, fast up and 0:01 top 15# db
10/10 Single leg cross body Romanian deadlift (light) 15# db
10/10 Banded bird dog (weird but in the evening I could actually use a band – last week in the morning we did this and I couldn’t use a band)
10/10 Double windmill
10 Triangle lat press down


Deadlift Progression (3 Step) (~3:00)
With an empty barbell:
5 From top, to the knees and stand
5 From top, to knees, to shins, to knees, and stand
5 Deadlift

Build-Up (~7:00)
0:45 Row, easy 5 Deadlifts, light
5 Broad jumps
0:45 Row, moderate
5 Deadlifts, moderate
5 Box jumps, low height
0:45 Row, hard
5 Deadlifts, workout weight, (today is RX bodyweight)
5 Box jumps, workout weight (today is RX 24″/20″)

Transition (~3:00) Finalize options and set-up. Take care of any final workout prep.


3 Rounds for time
500m Row 21 cal bike
21 Deadlifts (bodyweight) 145#
12 Box jumps (24″/20″) box step-ups

Notes This workout is intended to be performed at a challenging pace with fast transitions between movements. The deadlift load is intended to be moderate where the initial 21 reps could potentially be completed unbroken.
Box jump height and volume are intended to allow for a quick and consistent pace. Expect the demands of the deadlifts to increase the difficulty of the box jumps.
The row is intended to be performed at a moderate to hard pace. Consider reducing the distance if efforts will exceed 2:30-2:45. Faster times for this workout could be under 9:00 while the intent is for all to be completed in under 15:00.
Row *Reduce the distance to achieve the ~2:30 time. *1500m/1200m air bike or 400m run.
Deadlift *Reduce load to achieve 21 perfect form reps. *Reduce reps if newer to deadlifting, consider 12.
Box Jumps *Reduce height to a height that can be consistent.



Dumbbells Option
3 Rounds for time
400m Run 21 Dumbbell deadlifts 12 Broad jumps (6ft/5.5ft) Bodyweight Only 3 Rounds for time 400m Run 1:30 Superman hold on floor 12 Broad jumps (6ft/5.5ft)


3 Rounds NOT for time 10 Dumbbell side bends, right 100ft Single arm farmers walk, right 10 Dumbbell side bends, left 100ft Single arm farmers walk, left *Choose a load that is challenging but does not require the body to significantly bend while walking.

Interesting going at 5:30. I’m tired from working all day but I feel like I have a lot more strength and power. I guess because I’ve fueled my body all day. IN the morning I’m not as strong because I haven’t even had anything to eat.

Oh well, I can’t handle going at 5:30 p.m. everyday – best time is still 5:30 a.m.

Have a great day everyone.

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