Friday’ “Filthy 50” – June 25

Another week has gone by. Two days out of the gym this week but it’s ok, I did do workouts.
Now rest over the weekend and then back to the gym on Monday.

Ok, why do I look at these workouts ahead?? I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish this one. But, I guess, whatever Matt thinks I can do is what I will attempt.

Well, went to class and the warm-up felt like the workout!! Then, I was waiting for a scale but didn’t really get one – so I decided to just do what I could with each one. Didn’t really matter how slow I was – just try to do the correct amount.

I felt much slower today than sometimes because it was so warm out it was hard to catch my breathe.

Even though it was tough it was a good workout. Have a great day everyone!

Summertime is always the best of what might be.

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

30 Single unders
15 Russian swings (light) 20# (Matt tried to say 35# was light….)
30 Single unders
15 Walking lunges
30 Single unders
15 Beat swings
30 Single unders
15 Push press (empty bar) 35# bar
30 Single unders
15 Bar good mornings or GHD hip ext
30 Single unders
15 Air squats
30 Single unders
15 Push-ups
30 Single unders
15 Double unders

* Set up the bars, kettlebells, and boxes prior to class to gain valuable time on your class schedule today.

  TRANSITION (~6:00)

Several of the movements have been prepped for in the general warm-up today. However, the transition for this workout will still take some time. Talk about the time goals for the workout and the workout options for completing the intended stimulus. Allow time to practice and get set up as needed.

  “FILTHY 50”

Workout (~35:00)
“Filthy 50” For time:
50 Box jump (24″/20″) box step-ups
50 Jumping pull-ups from box –
50 Kettlebell swings (16kg/12kg) 20# db
50 Walking lunges
50 Knees to elbows could really only do about 12-15 of these – VERY hard and couldn’t keep a grip
50 Push press, (20kg/15kg bar) 35#
50 Hip extensions or barbell good mornings 35# bar
50 Wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs, 10ft/9ft) 14# 9ft
50 Burpees time ran out and I was only done with 10 (to be honest I wanted time to run out before I got to these!)
50 Double unders

*Compare to June 29, 2016, May 3, 2017, April 25, 2018, and April 24, 2019.
Notes This is a benchmark test that is a long duration and light-loaded chipper. Top times will be less than 20:00. Ideally, athletes can strive to perform all movements and take no longer than 35:00. With that being said, athletes that can complete this workout safely can be permitted to do so, even it they will take longer than 35:00. This should be done at the coach’s discretion.


This workout revolves around proper volume management and movement options.
Here are two options:

Option 1: For athletes at the stage where they may still need to change the more challenging movements to get the intended stimulus of the day. Note the difference in reps for different movements.
30 Box jumps
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings
50 Walking lunges
30 Knees to elbows or high knee raise (band resistance)
50 Push press
50 Hip extension or good morning
30 Wall ball
30 Burpees
50 Single under or double unders

Option 2: For those that may need a significant reduction in volume. If they are newer, taken a break, deconditioned, or golden.
“Dirty 30” or “Twisted 20”
20-30 Box jump or step-up
20-30 Jumping pull-up
20-30 Kettlebell swing
20-30 Walking lunge
20-30 Knees to elbow or high knee raise (band resistance)
20-30 Push press
20-30 Back extension or good morning
20-30 Wall ball
20-30 Burpee or no push-up burpee
20-30 Double unders or singles


Dumbbells Available
50 Jumps onto any surface
50 Bent over dumbbell rows, light
50 Dumbbell swings
50 Walking lunges
50 V-ups
50 Dumbbell push press
50 Dumbell good mornings (hold at chest, 1 bell)
50 Goblet thrusters
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Bag/Backpack Available
50 Jumps onto any surface
50 Bag bent over rows
50 Bag swings
50 Walking lunges
50 V-ups
50 Bag push press
50 Bag Zercher good mornings
50 Bag thruster
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

  COOL DOWN (~5:00)

*Do both of the following options or just pick one if time is tight.
1:30/1:30 Lat stretch
1:30/1:30 Quad roll

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