Thursday, July 15, 2021 – CrossFit

“In a gentle way, we can shake the world.” – Gandhi

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~12:00)


Plate Warm-up Sequence
0:20 In and outs.
0:20 Alternating feet side hops.
0:20 Alternating feet forward hops.
0:20 Single leg forward hops.
0:20 Both feet side hops.
0:20 Plank hand walk.
*~0:10 Rest between movements

Then, 5 Up dog + down dog (0:03 pause in each position)
10/10 Lateral leg swings
10/10 Leg swings
20 Lying leg crossovers
10/10 Lying dynamic hamstring stretch
10 Rollover V-sits
10/10 Dynamic calf stretch
5/5 Sprinter Samson to hamstring stretch (0:03 pause in each position)


Power Clean and Jerk Progression (A) (~5:00)
With an empty barbell: 45#
5 Strict press
5 Jerk “lands”
5 Push jerk
5 Mid-thigh power clean to push jerk
5 Power clean to push jerk

Build-up (~7:00)
5 Clean and jerks, light
100m Run, easy
3 Clean and jerks, moderate
100m Run, moderate
3 Clean and jerks, workout weight or slightly heavier
100m Run, hard

Transition (~3:00) Finalize options and set-up. Take care of any final workout prep.

  WORKOUT (~10:00)

2 Rounds for time
15 Clean and jerks (135lbs/95lbs) 55#
400m Run bike 21 cal

Notes This workout is intended to be performed at a fast pace. The clean and jerk load is intended to allow for at least 5+ reps to be performed consecutively with quick singles being acceptable. It is intended for 15 clean and jerks to be completed in under 2:00 with 1:00-1:30 being the goal. Faster times for this workout will be under 7:00 while the intent is for all to be completed in under 10:00. Clean and Jerk *Reduce load 1st. *Hang clean and jerk. Run *Consider reducing the distance if the first effort will exceed 2:30. Minimal Equipment Options Dumbbells Available 2 Rounds for time 15 Dumbbell clean and jerks 400m Run Bodyweight Only 2 Rounds for time 100ft Burpee broad jumps 400m Run





3 Rounds NOT for time
15/15 Single leg heel taps over kettlebell
15 Straight leg toes to kettlebell – legs to rack (held on to the rack and then tried to reach my legs back)
15 Double leg heel taps over kettlebell
15 Kettlebell straight leg press ups

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