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CrossFit – Partner Today

June 8, 2020

Grace has decided to get up and CrossFit with me. She will be a thrower on the Capital University track team in the Fall and she needs to be working out. The sample workouts she was sent have a lot of CrossFit like movements on it. Therefore, since gyms are still closed and she doesn’t have anyone to give her instruction on how to do a number of these things, we decided it would be good for her to do CrossFit this summer. Let’s see if she really gets up to do this with me at 5:30 a.m.??? Yep – she was up! Ready to get started.

So, who will we be starting the week with?? Bob, Dave, Lacey, Nikki, Heather, Grace, and me.

General Warm-Up
3:00 row, bike, run or jump rope (bike)

CHAN Warm Up
8/8 spiderman lunges
10/10 lateral lunges
inchworm + push ups (5,4,3,2,1) (2)
10/10 windmills
10/10 arm circles forward/backward
10 arm pretzels
10/10 shoulder rolls/ forward/backward
10/10 wrist circles

3 single unders
3 burpees
Discovered that Grace is definitely too tall to jump rope in the house! Her rope kept hitting the ceiling. She ended up having to go out on the deck to do her jump roping.

20:00 AMRAP
200 single unders (3 rounds + 50)
20 burpees (3 rounds)

Accessory Work (15:00)
4 rounds NOT for time
6 bent-over dumbbell rows or bent over dumbbell rows against bands
(bent over dumbbell rows 15 lb set)
1:00 rest

3 rounds NOT for time
10/10 single arm banded low row
10/10 hammer curls (medium) (15 lb set)

Must have been another good workout – hot, sweaty, and my t-shirt is soaked!

Have a good day everyone!


Friday – A Day off

June 5, 2020

Ok, so I decided to take today off from work. Now, I hope I can actually not go there! I really have a number of things I should get done…Grace’s graduation announcement, party plans, guest list, pay some bills, work on Brendan’s website and facebook pages, call about pools (pool company, city ordinance, permit, excavating company, etc.), figure out what to do about camper, and I REALLY want to spend a big chunk of time updating my blog and catching up all the posts I really wanted in here – especially this past week, we were so busy and I didn’t have time to put stuff in here.

Guess I better go shower so I can get started!


Ok, so nothing done yet. Well, I guess I can’t totally say that. I did take care of some emails that needed to be responded to, I added items to the grocery list, I talked to Rowan on the phone (invited her to come over today but she wants to go with her mom so she can stop at a store in Angola), looked up a few things I need to order on Amazon, went for a 1.74-mile walk and now I need some coffee and toast.

As I sat down to look up something, I decided to check Facebook and saw an article about Whitmer marching with the protesters and how she is breaking her own order about even in groups outdoors you need to social distance. She definitely was not by the photos that have been shared. So, of course, I had to look to see when we are going to hear from her next – yep, this morning at 11. Now I have anxiety wondering what she will do to us now.

Now I am heading to work as I forgot to do something that is due today. Hopefully, I won’t be gone too long.

Oh my heavens, as of June 15th it will be legal for us to get our hair cut again. Amazing! Now for the gyms to open! Maybe soon! It sounded like everything would be open before July 4th. We can only hope.

So, it is really now June 15th and I just noticed that I never finished this post! Have no idea what happened the rest of that day, but do recall it was busy but didn’t get half the list done.







Friday End of Week

June 5, 2020

Well, it’s Friday. Who will be here today? Dave, Lacey, and me.

General Warm-Up
Jump Rope Warm-Up
0:20 single unders
0:20 single leg, single under
0:20 side to side (I can actually do 0:20 of this!)
0:20 forward and backs
0:20 in and outs
0:20 double under
0:20 double under

So I guess I have the side to side figured out. Eventually, I’ll get the rest of the jumps figured out. Guess I need to practice. Maybe before I walk in the evening I should jump rope first?

Skill and Build Up
Thruster Progression (10 lb db set)
7 front squat
7 push press
7 thruster

Build Up
2 rounds
10 double unders
3 thrusters (increasing in load)

If using dumbbell in the 10:00 time period perform 5 sets of 0:20 of max db thrusters
I tried the 15lb set once but it didn’t go well. I felt as if I could barely pick it up. I can always tell when it’s Friday…I can’t seem to lift weight with my left arm very well.


For time (15:00)

10 thrusters (10 lb db set)
50 double unders (85 singles)
8 thrusters (10 lb db set)
40 double unders (80 singles)
6 thrusters (10 lb db set)
30 double unders (60 singles)
4 thrusters (10 lb db set)
20 double unders (40 singles)
2 thrusters (10 lb db set)
10 double unders (20 singles)

Cool Down
3 rounds
15 weighted sit-ups (unweighted)
0:30 double quad stretch

Ok, I think I am taking today off from work. Hopefully, I make it extremely productive. Need to work on a lot of things around here!

Have a good day everyone!



Thursday CrossFit

June 4, 2020

What will we do today? Oh, that’s right, I will know in a minute…just looking it up and will type it here.

Who will be at CrossFit to workout with me? Bob, Dave, Lacey, and me.

10:00 at continuous pace
30 jumping jacks
15/15 single leg glute bridges
10/10 split squats, pause 0:02 in the bottom position
10 beat swings (10 PVC pass throughs)
0:30/0:30 ankle mobility posterior banded distraction

Skill & Build Up
Pistol progression (2)
20 close stance squat, pause slightly in bottom
3/3 stagger stance squat
3/3 leg crossed behind
6 pistols, alternating (place heel on plate or squat to a box if needed) (could only do 1 each leg)

Build Up
Moderate Pace
5 pull-ups or pull-up variation (15 lb db rows)
5 pistols, or pistol variation (close stance squat)
5 burpees

For Time 15:00
3 rounds
25 pull-ups (db rows 15lb set, 10lb set, 10lb set)
25 pistols (close stance, close stance 15 stagger stance 10, close stance)
25 burpees (25, 20, 8)

Gymnastics Skill
10:00 to practice handstand holds and handstand walk variations
on floor hands against wall stretch out fully
some with hands on fireplace mantle and then incline hold



June 3, 2020

Back to zooming…who will be in class today? Bob, Dave, Lacey, Heather, Dakota, and me.

General Warm Up
5:00 row (bike)

2 rounds
10/10 glute bridge walk-ups
0:30 pike shoulder taps
0:45 seated shoulder extension stretch

Skill and Build Up
Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Power Clean Progression (10 lb db)
5/5 dip – drive – shrug
5/5 hang muscle clean
5/5 hang power clean

Build Up and Workout Prep
150 m row (0:35 bike)
0:15 ring top support hold (couch dip)
0:10 ring bottom support hold (couch dip)
3/3 single arm dumbbell hang power cleans (10 lb db)

150 m row (0:35 bike)
5 ring dips or variation (couch dip)
3/3/ single-arm dumbbell hang power cleans (workout weight) (15 lb db)

For Time 11:22

1000 row (5:00 bike)
40 single-arm dumbbell hang power cleans (15 lb db)
40 ring dips (couch dips)
40 single-arm dumbbell hang power cleans (15 lb db)

Accessory Work
3 rounds for quality
10/10 single arm dumbbell high pulls (10 lb db)
15/15 single leg pike compressions
0:45 foam roll t-spine

Only real problem with this workout was that Oliver (my grand pup) wanted to eat the foam roller!

Hard work out – sweating like crazy – my shirt is soaked. Time to shower and head to work. Have a good day everyone.


CrossFit Tuesday

June 2, 2020

No Zoom class today as the workout is a 5000m run. I’ll miss the others today. As you recall, I’m 50, fat, and love food. Therefore, I don’t run. But I can bike.

I biked 7 miles this morning and boy do my legs feel it.

I really wanted Victoria, Noah, or Grace to get up and walk a 5K with me but I couldn’t get anyone to get up this early. I thought it might be cool to actually start the day with that. But nope no one — so I really don’t want to walk in the dark by myself.

Have a great day everyone.

See you tomorrow!


New Week, New Month – CrossFit

June 1, 2020

What a busy weekend we ended up having. I’m a bit tired this morning but we’ll see how things go. According to what I read, I don’t know how to do half this stuff.

Victoria is still here but not joining me this morning as my niece Julia stayed overnight and they decided they couldn’t get up this early.

So, who will be up this morning? Bob, Jeff, Heather, Lacey, Nikkie, Holly, and me.

50 jumping jacks
10 plate or bag overhead reverse lunges (reverse lunges no weight)
0:30/0:30 Samson stretch

40 jumping jacks
10 plate overhead jumping lunges (reverse lunges no weight)
0:30 wall press stretch

30 jumping jacks
20 PVC pass throughs
0:30 butchers block stretch

Skill and Build Up
Split jerk progression
2 reps of foot placement and receiving position
5 jump and land with hands at side
5 jump and land with thumbs on shoulders
5 timing drill- jump, punch, and land
5 split jerks with PVC or barbell (PVC)

Build Up
3 sets
3-5 split jerks (10 lb db set)
10 hanging scap retractions (push-up variation)
3-5 strict pull-ups or variation (10 lb db rows)

For Time
I did the option below with dumbbells

15 split jerks
15 strict pull-ups
12 split jerks
12 strict pull ups
9 split jerks
9 strict pull ups
6 split jerks
6 strict pull ups
3 split jerks
3 strict pull ups

options with dumbbells
21 dumbbell split jerks (10lb db set)
15 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)
18 dumbbell split jerks (10lb db set only 1 and I couldn’t get the weight up – finished workout with the PVC pipe and no weight)
12 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)
15 dumbbell split jerks (PVC pipe)
9 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)
12 dumbbell split jerks (PVC pipe)
6 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)
9 dumbbell split jerks (PVC pipe)
3 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)

Accessory Work
3 rounds
15 PVC pass-throughs
15 band pull aparts
15 band face pulls
0:30/0:30 single arm high plank

Ok – I’m tired but guess I have to get ready and go to work.
Busy day ahead.



Fit for Friday or Just CrossFit?

May 29, 2020

Ok, I don’t think I’m fit for Friday. I’m exhausted from this week. My body hurts and I’m just tired. But, I’m bringing a guest today!! Yep, Victoria came home last night to surprise Grace for her graduation. It was lots of fun!

So, who will be there to say hello to Victoria? Jeff, Lacey, Nikki and her guest Holly, and me.

General Warm-Up
Plate Hop Sequence
In and outs
alternating feet side hops
alternating feet forward hops
single leg forward hops
both feet side hopes
plank hand walk

2 rounds
10 lateral lunges walk steps
10 squat therapy reps
0:45 glute bridge march
0:45 squat with hand reaches

Skill and Build Up
Squat Prep
20 front rack “in and outs” (used swiffer mop for prep work)
10 front squats
10 king squats
10 back squats

Toes to bar progression (V-ups, tuck-ups)
10 kip swings
5 knees to elbows
5 knees to elbows + kick + fast return

Build Up and Prep (used db)
5 front squats (10 lb db set)
5 toes to bar (v-ups)
5 back squats (10 lb db set front squats)
5 sit ups (with ab mat feet under couch)

Conditioning (did the workout below with dumbbell set)
For Time
21 – 15 – 9
front squat
toes to bar

Immediately into
back squat

With Dumbbells
5 rounds for time
10 dumbbell front squats (10 with 10 lb db sets)
10 toes to bar or 15 v-ups (10 v-ups)
10 dumbbell front squats (10 with 10 lb db sets)
20 sit-ups (with ab mat and feet under couch – 10, 8, 8, 8, 5)


Surprise Ending to another Quarantine Day

May 28, 2020

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to post anything. Life has all of a sudden become a little busier! Lots of fun.


Thursday was just another quarantine day – work, home, walk, dinner (thank you Olivia for the million dollar spaghetti), and then a decision for an evening walk to Stocks Park.




Oh, and how could I forget…I brought home Gracie’s sign that had been on Academy Lane with those of her classmates. She and I placed it out front of our house for all to see. I’m still so sad for this Senior class and all the things they are missing. Still trying to do what we can to make them feel special.

While we were eating dinner, the kids and I decided we would go for a walk to Stocks Park. However, Noah said he had some stuff to finish before he could go anywhere. He will be finished with his last exam tomorrow so a few final study items tonight I guess.

Finally, around 9:00 we decided we better hurry up and get ready to go if we were going to walk to the park and take an photos. It was already starting to get dark. So everyone got around and we were finally on our way around 9:15 p.m.

As we approached the park, Grace decided she had to use the restroom. So, we headed to the port-a-johns in the middle of the park. Little did she know someone was in the park waiting for her! PERFECT she had to use the port-a-pots! Someone came running from the back of the park and stood behind the port-a-pot. When Grace came out, I told her, Noah, and Olivia to hurry up and go back over to the bench by the pond so I could still get some pictures before it was completely dark. They hurried over, got on the bench, put their arms around each other – I turned on my video… (it’s a little dark, but you can still see it.)

SURPRISE!! Victoria had come home for graduation weekend!! Ok, so we aren’t really having graduation but we thought it would be fun for her to come home for a few days and we will try to make the weekend special.

So much fun! Now we’ll see how tomorrow goes when we surprise Grandma!

Oh…total miles walked today…4.2




CrossFit Thursday

May 28, 2020

Ok, I typed this in and now I’m thinking it looks a bit difficult. First of all, this 50 year old cannot do 50 sit ups (I think I can barely do 8). Wonder if I will get a scale for these sit-ups? And, what do they mean by a burpee box jump over? That sounds like a recipe for total disaster! This fat, 50 year old, trying to do a burpee and jump over a box??? Right…I don’t think I’ll be doing that….there surely is a scale for that???

So, who will get to laugh at my attempts at these burpee box jump overs? Bob, Dave, Jeff, Heather, and me.

General Warm-Up
3:00 row, bike, run, or jump rope easy (bike)

2 Rounds
0:30 wall press stretch
0:30/0:30 side plank with rotation
5/5 Turkish get-up (increase load on second round) (3/3 no weight)
5/5 windmill

Skill and Build Up
Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch Progression (10 lb db)
3/3 deadlift
3/3/ deadlift + shrug (straight arm)
3/3 muscle snatch
3/3/ overhead drops
6 dumbbell snatch, alternate arms each rep

Build up
8 sit-ups
8 dumbbell snatches
4 burpee box jump overs (low height) (box step ups)

For time (18:00)
2 rounds

50 sit-ups (20, 20 ab mat sit ups with feet under couch)
40 dumbbell snatches (10 lb db)
30 burpee box jump overs (20, 20 with 12″ box step up)

Accessory Work
2 sets
100ft/100ft single arm kettlebell overhead walk (50 ft with 10 lb overhead, 50 ft with 10 lb at shoulder)

Ok, what the heck kind of work out was that?? Turkish get-up?? Think those should be called something like, “50 yr old, fat lady try-to-get-up”. These were totally only an attempt. Not sure if much of it was actually correct but Matt was very patient and would tell me step by step so I could try to get it. If that was not enough, they then throw in this burpee box jump overs. What the heck?? Burpees by themselves are hard enough so what in the world. Ok, those were terrible and again they think a 50 year old, fat lady can  do a burpee and then jump over a box? They are nuts, I can attempt a burpee (I’m not even sure that those were correct today.) and then I can step up on the box and step off.

Sweat factor today – my shirt could probably be wrung out! This was very tough today.

Have a good day everyone.



Middle of the Week – CrossFit

May 27, 2020

Having a holiday at the beginning of the week sure throws a person off. I guess it is already the middle of the week – Wednesday.

Who will be up this morning working out with me? Bob, Dave, and me.

General Warm-Up
Jump Rope Warm-Up
0:20 single unders
0:20 single leg, single under
0:20 side to side (I actually did some of these!)
0:20 forward and backs
0:20 in and outs
0:20 double under (I think I can almost do one.)
0:20 double under

Ok, this will be interesting. The last jump rope warm-up and I did not get along very well. My feet and brain could not work together to figure out how we were supposed to really do these variations of jumping rope. Ok, reminder to self – “you are 50 and fat, so really…you may never be able to do these things.” I guess never is a strong word, so I guess I should say maybe someday…

So, actually today I felt like I accomplished something with that jump rope. I ACTUALLY did some of the side to side – like real, not just one and quit and try again, it was actually a number of them in a row! I guess I’ll get this yet.

2 rounds
5 inchworms +updog to down dog
10 boot strappers
0:30/0:30 spiderman stretch

Skill and Build Up
Push Jerk Progression (3 step) (PVC pipe)
5 jump and land
5 jerk ballad from head level
5 push jerks

Build Up
review the dumbbell Bulgarian split squat (toes on couch or chair, then squat one leg holding dumbbells)
3-5 push jerks increasing load (tried 2 with 15lb set but I didn’t think I could do 10 in a row for the workout)

Workout #1
Every 4:00 for 12:00 (3 sets)
6 push jerks (10 push jerks with 10 lb db set)
80 double unders (1:00 attempts)

Workout #2
Keep the clock running from part 1
When the clock hits 15:00 perform

Every 4:00 for 12:00 (3 sets)
8/8 dumbbell Bulgarian split squats (10 lb db set)
15cal/12 cal row or bike (0:45-0:55 8.8-9.2 cal bike)

Cool Down
2 rounds not for time
10/10 quadruped rotations, slow
0:45/0:45 spiderman stretch

All hot and sweaty, shirt soaking wet so I guess that means it was a good workout!

Have a nice day to all!


Final School Exchange Day & Senior Night

May 26, 2020

Today was the final exchange of student items with families. It was a hot and busy day! Collecting homework and textbooks, what a job! Didn’t quite get everything sorted but will finish it in the morning. I have to say though, we have some great families! I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I miss all of your children!

Didn’t get home from work until almost 6:00 p.m. I was definitely tired and my legs were sore. On my feet carrying in textbooks and sorting the books made for a long day. But hey, at least I do CrossFit…I could handle those large piles of textbooks!

Olivia made the dinner (parmesan chicken over angel hair pasta) so it was ready when I got home. My mom came down and ate with us. We then sat and watched the Hillsdale Academy Senior Night Class of 2020 on Facebook Live. It was really nice but I am sorry I am not a fan of a virtual event that we should have been able to do live. I cried throughout the event – cried because these kids are special and I’m going to miss them, cried because I’m proud of these kids…especially mine, cried because we should not have to be doing this event like this, cried because these kids have had to miss out on so much this year, cried because I know this special group of kids is going to do some really great things in life and I can’t wait to see that! I am just a very emotional Senior mom right now wanting my child to have what her siblings had but at the same time trying to hold it together to be the tough mom and making sure she knows that she is going to be stronger because of all she has to deal with now. I guess that sort-of means I will be stronger too??

No extra walk for me tonight. Between Senior Night and my legs just being sore, I figured I had done enough. Total miles walked today…5.9 miles. (No wonder my legs hurt. Guess I better go take some ibuprofen and go to bed so I can get up early for CrossFit.)

Good Night All.