Friday – A Day off

Ok, so I decided to take today off from work. Now, I hope I can actually not go there! I really have a number of things I should get done…Grace’s graduation announcement, party plans, guest list, pay some bills, work on Brendan’s website and facebook pages, call about pools (pool company, city ordinance, permit, excavating company, etc.), figure out what to do about camper, and I REALLY want to spend a big chunk of time updating my blog and catching up all the posts I really wanted in here – especially this past week, we were so busy and I didn’t have time to put stuff in here.

Guess I better go shower so I can get started!


Ok, so nothing done yet. Well, I guess I can’t totally say that. I did take care of some emails that needed to be responded to, I added items to the grocery list, I talked to Rowan on the phone (invited her to come over today but she wants to go with her mom so she can stop at a store in Angola), looked up a few things I need to order on Amazon, went for a 1.74-mile walk and now I need some coffee and toast.

As I sat down to look up something, I decided to check Facebook and saw an article about Whitmer marching with the protesters and how she is breaking her own order about even in groups outdoors you need to social distance. She definitely was not by the photos that have been shared. So, of course, I had to look to see when we are going to hear from her next – yep, this morning at 11. Now I have anxiety wondering what she will do to us now.

Now I am heading to work as I forgot to do something that is due today. Hopefully, I won’t be gone too long.

Oh my heavens, as of June 15th it will be legal for us to get our hair cut again. Amazing! Now for the gyms to open! Maybe soon! It sounded like everything would be open before July 4th. We can only hope.

So, it is really now June 15th and I just noticed that I never finished this post! Have no idea what happened the rest of that day, but do recall it was busy but didn’t get half the list done.







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