Thursday CrossFit

What will we do today? Oh, that’s right, I will know in a minute…just looking it up and will type it here.

Who will be at CrossFit to workout with me? Bob, Dave, Lacey, and me.

10:00 at continuous pace
30 jumping jacks
15/15 single leg glute bridges
10/10 split squats, pause 0:02 in the bottom position
10 beat swings (10 PVC pass throughs)
0:30/0:30 ankle mobility posterior banded distraction

Skill & Build Up
Pistol progression (2)
20 close stance squat, pause slightly in bottom
3/3 stagger stance squat
3/3 leg crossed behind
6 pistols, alternating (place heel on plate or squat to a box if needed) (could only do 1 each leg)

Build Up
Moderate Pace
5 pull-ups or pull-up variation (15 lb db rows)
5 pistols, or pistol variation (close stance squat)
5 burpees

For Time 15:00
3 rounds
25 pull-ups (db rows 15lb set, 10lb set, 10lb set)
25 pistols (close stance, close stance 15 stagger stance 10, close stance)
25 burpees (25, 20, 8)

Gymnastics Skill
10:00 to practice handstand holds and handstand walk variations
on floor hands against wall stretch out fully
some with hands on fireplace mantle and then incline hold


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