To Blog Again…

Wow, what an absolutely beautiful morning. It’s 8:10 a.m., 71°, sunny, and just perfect to enjoy my deck while drinking my morning coffee. I have been so busy lately that I have not had time to do daily general life blogs nor have I had time to read things I want to read. Well, I think some of that is going to happen today!

Wait…my birdfeeder is empty. Let me got help the birds. It’s fun to sit here and watch how many birds come back and forth to the feeders. Ok, done. Now we’ll see how long until a little birdy notices there is food once again.

Ok….my weekend ended up being very busy. I never saw a bird at the feeder but it is almost empty again so obviously someone noticed it was full.

Let’s see recap the weekend…

Farmers Market and then brought Rowan home with us. Of course, it was so HOT we all needed something to cool us off in order to even walk home. So, if you walk by Coney’s and Swirls, you should at least stop for something. Some of us got ice cream and some had slushes. Nice and refreshing.  We got home and had leftovers for lunch. A brief nap and then to meet Bridget and her mom at the campground to look things over and start setting up for the party on Tuesday to celebrate Grace and Bridget’s graduation from Hillsdale Academy.

Once we were done there we headed to Bankers to swim in Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Paul’s pool. The water was so nice and relaxing. Swam some laps and played with the kids. I am so impressed with how well Rowan is swimming. She is a little fish! So fun to watch her. Then, Grace and Olivia were working with her on diving. She is doing a GREAT job and can almost dive off the board and make it to the end of the pool without coming up for air! That’s a tough one when you are only 8! She’s doing awesome!

Once we were done swimming and laying in the sun to dry off, we headed to Walmart to pick up a few things and then home for the evening. We were all so tired. Ended up watching the moving Casper. What a great, fun movie! Then we all headed to bed.

Sunday ended up being extremely busy too! Got up did a few things, then the girls and I headed to Jackson Sam’s Club. Bought stuff for the graduation party and for us at home. Then, we met Julia at Meijer and stood outside and talked with her for a bit. Always so great to see my nieces! No matter how short the visits are they are still great! Then, into Meijer to buy a few final items. Then headed home. We got close to Spring Arbor and decided to stop by and visit with my friend Lisa. It is always good to visit with her and her family. We, of course, stayed too long but it was great to visit.

Once home unloaded the car, put groceries away, ate some leftovers, packed up stuff for the grad party into the car and then left again. We first stopped at the St. Anthony’s cemetery to visit Grandpa Don for Father’s Day. Still so hard to believe he is gone. We miss him daily.

Then to the campground to unload stuff into the rec room. Grace and Bridget will go out tomorrow and start setting stuff up and decorating.

Once finished, went to Dollar Tree to pick up a few more items. Then to Litchfield where we stopped at Mt. Hope Cemetery to visit my dad, “just Grandpa”. So hard to believe it has been almost seven years. We miss him so very much!

Then, stopped to visit Grandma. Rowan was over visiting so we took her with us and then dropped her at her house. We went in for a short visit to talk and then we were on our way home.

Ordered Cavoni’s on the way home, stopped when we got to town to pick them up and took them home for dinner. It was almost 8 by this time so we were definitely hungry!

Then, trying to work on some campaign items. Looked over the workout for tomorrow.
We read the post from the CrossFit gym that there will be no more Zoom as they prepare to open the gym! How exciting but it is a bit sad for Grace and me since I was doing so well.
Grace and I read over the workout and decided what we would do for tomorrow. We will still get up at 5:30 and do our workout we’ll see how it goes.

So, another weekend has gone as fast as it arrived. See you tomorrow and hope everyone had a great weekend!


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