Friday End Of Week Workout

The weeks seem to go by so fast. Can’t believe we are on the Friday workout. Not too many at class today but it was a good group.

We all need three things; a wishbone, a backbone, and a funnybone!

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

2 Rounds
30ft Spiderman walk
30ft Inchworm + 1 Push-up and 2 Squats
10 Pass-throughs
200m Run, easy (I am NOT a runner – I rode the bike)


Kipping Pull-up Progression (~4:00)
2 Beat swing stops
2 Beat swings + 1 kip
2 Beat swings + 1 kipping pull-up
2 Beat swings + 1 kipping pull-up + 2 beat swings (2-1-2 drill)
3 Kipping pull-ups

Notes This progression can be performed from a box or with band assistance.

Build-up (~3:00)
100m Run (bike)
3 Pull-ups (band assisted – still can’t get quite to the bar but getting closer)
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Notes Perform the variation of each movement to be performed in the workout. Wear a weight vest if being utilized in the workout

  WORKOUT (~20:00)

At 0:00-5:00
800m Run (42 cal on bike)

From 5:00-15:00
AMRAP 10:00
5 Pull-Ups (band assisted, couldn’t get quite there but getting closer)
10 Push-Ups (7 push-ups – the last few rounds I did on my knees)
15 Squats

At 15:00
800m Run (bike 42 cal – this took me longer than the first time because my whole body was sore and tired)

*Wear a weight vest or body armor if planning to do Murph with a vest/armor Notes This is our 4th Murph-specific training session. Strive for unbroken sets on the gymnastics elements. Record reps completed and add that to the total time of the runs for your score.
Pull-ups *Banded strict pull-up, use a band that allows 5 strict consecutively. *Ring row.
Push-ups *Incline push-up. *Reduce reps to 6-7. Perfect for the athlete that has less than 20 reps as a max set.
Squats *Use an upright as assistance.
Run *Run a distance that allows for completion in under 5:00 at a moderate effort.

Minimal Equipment Options The pull-up can be modified to any upper body pulling exercises such as a ring row or truck row.

  COOL DOWN (~12:00)

2 Rounds
50 Toe touch crunch (I can barely do these so I did 30)
50 Banded triceps push-downs (seemed to take forever but I got them done)

Notes Strive for completion of the toe touch crunch with no more than 1 rest break. Use a light band tension on the push-downs that allows for all 50 reps to be completed consecutively at a fast pace.

Good workout to finish off the week. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m heading to Rose-Hulman to visit my son and watch him run in his last collegiate race. See you all on Monday.

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