Thursday Fitness

Another day back at the gym – how many people will be working out today?

“You never know what the tide will bring.” – Tom Hanks

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)


5 mins bike/row
0:50 easy; 0:10 hard

Then, 2 Rounds
0:45/0:45 Single leg glute bridge
020 Pike compressions



Front Squat Prep (~3:00)
20 Front Rack “in and outs”
5 Paused front squats (0:03 pause)
5 Front squats

Build-up (~7:00)
3 Sets
2 Paused front squats + 2 front squats

Notes Prior to starting the build-up sets review how to take the bar out of the rack and put it back in the rack correctly as well as how to fail with the weight. Take care of any final workout prep during this time.

  STRENGTH (~18:00)


Every 2:30 for 17:30 (7 sets)
1 Pause front squat (0:03 pause) + 1 front squat

Should have written down all my weight today.
But I partnered with Steve. Our last PR was on 3/10 where we did 110# front squat.
So we decided we could probably do a little bit more.
We started around 75# and built up from there.
Got to 125# around set 5 – NEW PR!!!
We then dropped to 10# for the 6th & 7th sets.

Notes Gradually build-up for the first 2-3 sets.
The load is intended to feel very heavy by set 4 or 5.
If a max is achieved before the 7th set, reduce the load for the final 2-3 sets.

Movement Options *See front rack scaling options video. *Reduce the loading for good mechanics. Minimal Equipment Options Dumbbells Available Every 3:00 for 15:00 (5 sets) 0:40 Max rep dumbbell front squats Bodyweight Only 5 Rounds for Quality 10 Pistols, alternating 20 Supermans 0:30/0:30 Side plank



4 Rounds NOT for time (only did 3 rounds as I was really slow)
7/7 Dumbbell reverse lunge to single leg deadlift (I have almost no balance – these are terrible! I feel like I’m going to fall over if I lift my leg up! – I only did 5/5)
14 Russian twists (did 8-10 each round)

Notes Strive for challenging loads, that still allows for high movement quality, on the last 2 rounds.

Good workout for today. Felt good to get a PR again. For the last few weeks, I have felt like everything is challenging.
So, it was nice to have a PR. Glad I looked up what my previous PR was.
Have a great day everyone! See you tomorrow!

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