Another Monday at CrossFit

Ok, so the weekends go fast too. I can’t believe how fast time goes.
Wonder who will be there this morning? Wonder what we will be doing?

Do good to feel good!

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~12:00)

Plate Warm-up Sequence
0:20 In and outs.
0:20 Alternating feet side hops.
0:20 Alternating feet forward hops.
0:20 Single leg forward hops.
0:20 Both feet side hops.
0:20 Plank hand walk.
*~0:10 Rest between movements

Kettlebell Warm-up Series (J) (Whole body focus)
2 Rounds
5 Right arm single arm overhead lunges
5 Right arm single arm kneeling press
5 Right arm kneeling windmills
5 Left arm single arm overhead lunges
5 Left arm single arm kneeling press
5 Left arm kneeling windmills
*Use a dumbbell if needed. Increase load on the second round.


Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch Progression (A) (~5:00)
3/3 Deadlift to the hang
3/3 Hang to the high-pull
3/3 Hang muscle snatch
3/3 Power snatch balance
3/3 Hang power snatch
*Use a light to moderately loaded dumbbell for these drills, video shows a barbell.

Build Up (~5:00)
Demonstrate the remaining movements of the workout.
6 Back rack reverse lunges
6 Sit-ups
6 Box jump overs
6 Dumbbell hang power snatch
*Use light loads and a low box.

  WORKOUT (~22:00)

Tabata back rack reverse lunge (75lbs/55lbs) (pretty pleased that I did this with the prescribed load of 55#!!)
2:00 Rest
Tabata sit-ups
2:00 Rest
Tabata box jump overs (24″/20″) (20″ step ups – someday I’ll figure out these damn box jumps)
2:00 Rest
Tabata Dumbbell hang power snatch (50lbs/35lbs) (20# db – thought I was going to use a 10# one but then I picked up the 20 to try it and I was able to do all of them with that!!)

*Use the right arm only for the first 0:20 interval, then the left arm only for the second 0:20 interval. Continue in this fashion for all 8 intervals. *The Tabata interval is 0:20 of work followed by 0:10 of rest for 8 intervals. Interval is 4:00 until the 2:00 rest for a total of 22:00 on the clock from start to finish. Notes This is a light-loaded workout that utilizes rest periods to allow athletes to work hard for each movement. Each movement specification is intended to allow the athlete to move for the entirety of each 0:20 interval. Record the total reps completed.


Back Rack Reverse Lunge *Reduce load or perform bodyweight reverse lunges.
Sit-ups *Move as slow as needed to complete the 0:20.
Box Jump Overs *Reduce height to be able to complete 5+ reps on each interval.
Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch *Reduce load to have consistent reps.
Minimal Equipment Options Bodyweight Only Tabata reverse lunges 2:00 Rest Tabata sit-ups 2:00 Rest Tabata broad jumps (4ft) 2:00 Rest Tabata prisoner good morning jumps

  COOL DOWN (~7:00)

2 Rounds
0:20 Up dog
0:20 Down dog
0:20/0:20 Samson stretch

Good workout for a Monday. Have a nice day!! See you tomorrow!!

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