Thursday CrossFitting

Thursday at the gym. What workout will we do today??

Who’s awesome? You’re awesome!!!

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

Chan Warm-up
25 Jumping jacks
25 Front jumping jacks
8/8 Spiderman lunges
10/10 Lateral lunges Inchworm + push-ups (5, 4, 3, 2, 1 push-ups).
10/10 Windmills
10/10 Arm circles (forward/backward)
10/10 Arm pretzels
10/10 Shoulder rolls (forward/backward)
10/10 Wrist circles


Power Snatch Prep (~6:00)
2 Rounds with an empty barbell 45# bar
3 Hang muscle snatch
3 Hang power snatch
3 Muscle snatch
3 Power snatch

2 Sets
3 Position power snatch, empty barbell

Build Up (~4:00)
2 Sets  45# bar + 5 lb plates = 55#    45# bar + 5 + 2.5 = 60# this was too heavy so I took it off and stayed with the 55#
3 Position power snatch
Notes Both warm-up sets are intended to feel relatively light. Take care of any final workout prep during this time.


Workout (~17:30)
Every 2:30 for 17:30 (7 sets)
3 Position power snatch

Notes The first 2-3 sets are intended to be performed at light to moderate loads while the remaining sets are intended to be very challenging. Most athletes will likely achieve a max weight prior to the final set. These athletes can reduce the load by 10-20% for the remaining sets. Ensure the integrity of the complex is maintained on each set. It is acceptable to drop the barbell after the second hang power snatch rep.

Movement Modifications *Eliminate the pull from the floor and use an additional hang snatch.
Additionally use dumbbells or a split snatch as needed.

Set 1 55#

Set 2 60#

Set 3 65#

Set 4 65#

Set 5 70#

Set 6  70#

Set 7  75#

This whole workout felt very hard for me today. I felt like I was just having a hard time lifting any amount of weight. I was getting really frustrated but Alicia and Jeff Fischer kept helping me and giving me tips of how to do it. I so appreciate all the help at this gym! I think vacation was too much – after being gone it is really hard – I’m tired, I feel like I can’t lift any weight. Ugghhh…I guess I shouldn’t go on vacation again….


Minimal Equipment Options
Dumbbells Available
5 Rounds NOT for time 5 Double dumbbell power snatches 10 Dumbbell Romanian deadlifts 20 Hollow rocks Bag/Backpack
Option 5 Rounds NOT for time 2 Wall walks 6 Kneeling jump ups 10/10 Bag single-leg Zercher good mornings 20 Hollow rocks


Every 2:00 for 8:00 (4 sets)
6 Romanian deadlifts 85#, 100#, 135#, 135#
15 Hollow rocks (12 each time – but I can actually sort of do these)

Notes Use a 0:04 lowering phase on the Romanian deadlifts. The first set is intended to be moderate and the final 2 sets are intended to be very heavy.
The hollow rocks can be performed weighted if 15 reps is easy.
Stretch 1:00/1:00 Pigeon stretch
1:00 Child’s pose

Another good day – I’m sure I’ll be sore all day but eventually I will not feel so sore.
Have a great day everyone! See you tomorrow.

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