CrossFit MidWeek

Another day at the gym. I looked at the workout and it looks pretty intense. Not sure how well I’ll do but I’ll give it a try 🙂

We all need three things; a wishbone, a backbone, and a funnybone!

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

2 Rounds
30ft Spiderman walk
30ft Inchworm walk 
10 Pass-throughs
200m Run or walk (row 250m)


Kipping Pull-up Progression and Squat Therapy/Push-up Prep: (~8:00)
New pull-up rig came and was ready to use today! There really aren’t short bars so it was a workout to just get up and reach the bar! 
I’m sure my arms and shoulders will feel this later. At least with the bar up higher, I actually hang a lot longer! I may someday get a pull-up. I just need to get my arms stronger. 

2 X 5 Beat swing stops
5 Squat therapy
2 X 2 Beat swings + 1 kip
5 Push-ups
2 Beat swings + 1 kipping pull-up or attempt
5 Squat therapy
2 Beat swings + 1 kipping pull-up or attempt + 2 beat swings (2-1-2 drill)
5 Push-ups
5 Kipping pull-ups
*For each squat therapy reps perform a 3-second descent and a 3-second ascent.


  WORKOUT (~20:00)

Murph Prep Week 3
For time:

400m Run (500m row)

Into, 5 Rounds
10 Pull-ups (8 ring rows- hard – 5 rounds)
20 Push-ups (12 most with knees on floor, but chest totally to ground – 5 rounds)
30 Squats (20 each round – weird but each round I felt like this was my “rest” time. I actually could catch my breath and then move on to the next thing – only 4 rounds)

Into, 400m Run (500 m row)


*Wear a vest or body armor if planning on doing Murph vested.
Notes This is an increase in volume from the previous Murph prep sessions. The reps per round are higher than the rep-scheme recommended when completing Murph. This rep scheme may build more stamina than completing lower rep rounds. Consider using small sets with planned rest breaks.
Pull-ups *Reduce reps to 3 on each round. *Jumping pull-up (preferred for today) or ring row.
Push-ups *Reduce reps to 6 on each round. *Box push-up.
Squats *Reduce reps to 9-12 on each round.
400m Run *Complete the 400m, even if walking is needed.

Minimal Equipment Option For the pull-ups, choose a pulling option you have access to. Bent over row, truck row, or supine barbell row. Use barbell, dumbbell, or backpack as needed.







Today was a tough workout. I scaled a bit and almost got all of it in the 20:00 minute time cap. I was the last one done but I felt good about all the reps I did. 
Almost everyday, I think…”did these CrossFit people take math?? or did they just excel at creative writing??
Do they realize that 5 rounds of 10, 20, 30 reps is really 50, 100, and 150. I really think these workout creators are actually very good bullshitters! Hello – who would do that many reps of something?? Ok, yes, we do as many as we can and work hard and do our best. 

See everyone tomorrow! Have a good day!

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