Friday – Final CrossFit of Week

Last day of the week. I’m sure it will be another great workout. All of them really are even if there are parts of them you don’t really like. Obviously it’s somehow good for you 🙂

Be the attitude you want to be around.

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~12:00)

Jump Rope Warm-up (so nice to use my brand new jumprope – I’m pretty sure I did a lot better on jumping these various ways because of my new rope. I’ll get all of these yet!)
0:20 Single unders.
0:20 Single leg single unders.
0:20 Side to sides.
0:20 Forward and backs.
0:20 In and outs.
0:10 Double unders.
0:10 Double unders or triple unders attempts.
*0:05-0:10 Rest between movement

2 Rounds
5 Up dog + down dog
10 Cossack squats
0:20 Pike stretch + 5 pike compression or 5/5 single leg pike compressions


Knees to elbows progression
(A): 5 Pass throughs (PVC)
5 Beat swings
5 Beat swings + knees up singles (STOP)
5 Beat swings + knees to elbows singles (STOP)
5 Knees to elbows

Medicine Ball Clean Progression (A) (~4:00)
5-7 Medicine ball deadlift
5-7 Medicine ball deadlift + shrug
5-7 Medicine ball front squat
5-7 Shrug and pull-under
5-7 Medicine ball cleans

Build-up (~4:00)
0:30 Rowing (bike)
3 Burpees
10 Double unders or attempts
3 Knees to elbows
3 Medicine ball cleans

  WORKOUT (~20:00)

For time
50cal/40cal Rowing (bike 40 cal)
50 Burpees (25 burpees)
100 Double unders (2 minutes practice/singles)
50 Knees to elbows (25)
50 Medicine ball cleans (20lbs/14lbs) (25)
100 Double unders  (2 minutes practice/singles)

Notes This workout is intended to challenge endurance and stamina throughout the entire body. Perform the row and the burpees at a moderate pace. The knees to elbows will challenge endurance of the trunk. Consider breaking the reps into small sets with managed rest periods to move through the knees to elbows. The medicine ball cleans will likely take the shortest amount of time and the reps are intended to be accumulated quickly. The double under volume is reasonable but will elevate the heart rate significantly. Strive to not exceed ~5:00 on the row, burpees, and knees to elbows. Faster times for this workout could be under ~15:00-17:00 while all should strive for completion in under ~20:00-22:00.


Row *Reduce calories or row to make it less than 5:00. *A bike may be used.
Burpees *No push-up burpee.
Double Unders *Practice for 2:00 for each set of 100 reps. *200 single unders for each set of 100 reps.
Knees to Elbows *Reduce reps to accomplish in ~5 sets.
*Knee raise.
Medicine Ball Cleans *Reduce reps 1st to achieve the rx load. *Reduce load to accomplish in ~5 sets.

Minimal Equipment Option For time 800m Run 50 Burpees 100 Double unders 50 V-ups 50 Medicine ball cleans (use a light backpack or bag) 100 Double unders

This was definitely a tough workout. I am a total sweat mess and am exhausted! Time for a good shower and then I’ll be refreshed to go to work and have a good day.

hope everyone has a good day and a good weekend!

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