CrossFit Open 2021

Crush the Open Workout!

Excited, nervous, anxious for whatever happens this morning. I have no idea how this really works and after seeing the workout – I REALLY CANNOT do wall walks (normal or scaled) and I don’t think I’ll ever get a double under (but I can do singles).
Good luck to everyone who comes to compete this morning. I guess I just put faith in my coaches and whatever they tell me to do I guess I’ll give it a shot. They haven’t led me astray yet 🙂

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~12:00)

2 Rounds
15 Band pull aparts
15 Pass throughs with band
15 Band shoulder press
15 Banded good mornings
0:30 Deadbug
0:20-0:30 Bar hang, supinated grip
10/10 Dynamic calf stretch

Double under progression drills:
10 Swing and catch drill
10 Single taps
20 Single unders
10 Double taps
10 3 to 1’s
10 Double unders
*This progression takes coordination and is great for all levels to warm-up with and practice.
Let your advanced athletes know they are prepping their lower legs and nervous system.


Wall Walk Prep (~5:00)
0:30 Plank hold
0:15 Single arm plank to wall press, right
0:15 Single arm plank to wall press, left
0:15 Plank wall press
5 Inchworms + push-up
1 Partial wall walk + 0:10 hold
1 Wall walk + 0:10 hold + return to floor under control
*Rest as needed between movements

Workout Prep (~2:00)
1 Wall walk or partial wall walk
10 Double unders


For time:
1 Wall walk
10 Double unders
3 Wall walks
30 Double unders
6 Wall walks
60 Double unders
9 Wall walks
90 Double unders
15 Wall walks
150 Double unders
21 Wall walks
210 Double-unders

Time cap = 15:00

Who predicted a wall walk! The wall walk is a relatively slow-paced movement that will challenge muscular endurance of the upper-body. If you are competing in the Open and being judged be sure to look at the CrossFit Games website to ensure that you are meeting standards. Focus on keeping a stable trunk position by utilizing the abs to avoid excessive hyperextension. The double under volume is challenging, particularly on the final 2 rounds. This movement will jack up the heart rate and fatigue the lower body and shoulders. The double unders will increase the difficulty of the wall walks. Consider breaking up the double unders in earlier rounds even if competent at this movement. This plan allows for 2 heats to be run in a class session if coaches decide to do so.


 Rx’d (all ages)  ♀ and ♂ perform wall walks and double-unders 

Scaled (all ages)  ♀ and ♂ perform scaled wall walks and single-unders 

I competed in the scaled version. However, I had never done a wall walk or even ever attempted one! I was sure I could not do one. Perhaps I should do the foundations (less than scaled) version?? Then I heard Matt say, T is doing scaled. Was told that I really need to do is one.
Ok, I guess whatever he says. Somehow I really trust him and if he thinks I can do something then I guess I can – or at the very least I will try my hardest. 

So, I have 15 minutes to do at least one wall-walk. Guess we’ll see how it goes…
Thanks to the excellent coach who keeps telling me I can do this, the awesome judge that kept pushing me, and all the fantastic gym members who were cheering me on. 


I was actually amazed and how many wall walks I had accomplished! This CrossFit gym has been a truly amazing place! I’m ready to see what next week will bring and the Open workout for next Friday will be 🙂

So glad that I was convinced to sign-up for the CrossFit Open 2021. What a fun thing to participate in.

I ended up going back to the gym in the evening to help cheer on others doing the workout.
Looking forward to next week!

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