Monday CrossFit Post Open 21.1

What a fun time it was cheering on others doing the Open workout on Friday and then a couple more on Sunday morning. 
Today I’m working out on my own as they moved everything to the new gym this weekend and we will begin classes there tomorrow. The new gym is awesome! Can’t wait to go there tomorrow!

Endurance is patience concentrated.

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~12:00)

2 Rounds
100 Single unders
2/2 Turkish get-up + 2 single arm dumbbell overhead walking lunges  (I still can’t figure out how to get-up with these damn Turkish get-ups; I guess someday but they don’t look like they should be this hard.  Used 10# db)
10 Cossack squats
0:30/0:30 Samson stretch
0:45 Hands on box shoulder stretch

Notes 1 “rep” of the Turkish get-up and lunge complex is as follows:
1 Turkish get-up, left
2 Single arm dumbbell overhead walking lunges
1 Turkish get-up, right
2 Single arm dumbbell overhead walking lunges
Use light to moderately loaded dumbbell and perform two “reps” of this complex on each side before moving to the Cossack squats.


Handstand Walk Prep (~4:00) 30ft.
Tall bear crawl 10-20
Wall facing shoulder taps (plank and shoulder taps)
2-3 5ft. Handstand walks or handstand walk attempts.

Strict Handstand Push-up Prep (~5:00)
5 Pike push-up + push-up
2 Sets
0:10 Handstand hold- back to wall (pike on box)
2 Sets
3 Strict handstand push-ups (pike on box)

Notes For the final progression perform a variation of the handstand push-up that challenges the ability of the athlete:
*Pike handstand push-ups
*Knees on box handstand push-ups
*Feet on box piked handstand push-ups
*Partial range of motion handstand push-ups


For time: 
200ft Dumbbell overhead lunge (50lbs/35lbs)(100 ft with 10# db – 100ft without weight)
50 Dumbbell box step-ups (24″/20″) (20″ box – 17 with 10# db remaining without – it was really all I could do to get on that 20″ box)
50 Strict handstand push-ups  (5 pike push-ups)
200ft Handstand walk

Time cap: 10 minutes

*If you have not completed the workout in 10:00 add the remaining reps to your time.
The lunging and handstand walking are in 5ft increments for 1 repetition.
There are 40 reps of lunge, and 40 reps of handstand walking.

Notes This CrossFit Open repeat workout is a shoulder and quad/glute burner! The lunge distance is long and the box step-ups will be taxing but attempt to minimize fatigue on these movements to help with the handstand push-ups. The box step-ups are performed with a single dumbbell held in any fashion. The strict handstand push-ups will be a challenge for most. Break up the reps into small sets with managed rest periods to avoid premature muscular failure.

Movement Options
Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge
*Use a load and walk a distance that allows for completion in under 2:30-3:00.

Dumbbell Box Step-ups
*Use a load, box height, and rep range that allows for completion in under 3:00-4:00

Strict Handstand Push-ups
*Perform a variation that allows for 5+ reps to be completed unbroken on the first effort.
Options: Pike handstand push-ups Knees on box handstand push-ups Feet on box piked handstand push-ups Partial range of motion handstand push-ups

Handstand Walk
*Perform a tall crawl, bear crawl, or 10 rotations of a pike handstand walk around the box.

Minimal Equipment Options Bodyweight Only For time
300ft. Walking lunges
75 Box step-ups
50 Strict handstand push-ups
200ft. Handstand walk

*10:00 Time cap
40 Banded shoulder press (red band)
40 Band pull-apart
40 Banded triceps push-downs
1:30 Roll upper back with plate
1:00/1:00 Standing pigeon stretch

Notes Use a light band tension that allows reps to be completed at a relatively fast pace.
The banded workout is intended to help facilitate recovery.
Optional Handstand Walking Practice Movements in the progression:
Kick up to handstand and hold 1 ft Away from wall,
kick to handstand hold against wall. 2 ft Away from wall,
kick to handstand hold against wall. 2.5 ft Away from wall,
kick to handstand and handstand walk to the wall.
Not as good as being in class but I did the workout and I was totally sweaty so I know it was good.
Have a good day everyone. I will see some of you in the morning at the new gym!!
Have a great day!

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