Thursday CrossFitting

The day before the Open begins and there were only five of us in class today. Guess the rest are taking the day off so they are good and ready for whatever the Open workout happens to be.

Competitors push us to achieve more.

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

Chan Warm-up
25 Jumping jacks
25 Front jumping jacks
8/8 Spiderman lunges
10/10 Lateral lunges Inchworm + push-ups (5, 4, 3, 2, 1 push-ups).
10/10 Windmills
10/10 Arm circles (forward/backward)
10/10 Arm pretzels
10/10 Shoulder rolls (forward/backward)
10/10 Wrist circles


100m Easy
100m Medium
100m Hard
Notes Perform this build-up with the monostructural movement to be utilized in the workout.
Rowing, SkiErg, Bike or Running!
Use as many different pieces in a class as you either have or as athletes choose.
A great time to include those pieces that sit in the corner to often.

  WORKOUT (~30:00)

Every 5:00 for 30:00 (6 sets)
Pick 1
600m/500m Row
600m/500m SkiErg
500m Run
1500m/1200m Bike

Notes The goal is to treat each interval as a near-max effort. This will likely mean that there will be a bit of a drop-off in times following the first effort. Strive for efforts to be in the realm of 2:00-2:15 or less. An alternative strategy will be to perform these efforts at a submaximal pace that is consistent and acts as a form of active recovery. The score is the total time working. Athletes can share equipment during this session if equipment is limited.

So I actually was able to do each set in the 2:00-2:15 timeframe! Every other set I switched between rowing and biking.

Movement Options
*Complete a distance that takes approximately 2:15 or less at an 80%+ effort.
Minimal Equipment Options Every 5:00 for 30:00 (6 sets) 500m Run


1:30 Foam roll low back
0:30 Bar hang
1:30 Foam roll T-spine
0:30 Bar hang
1:00/1:00 Foam roll glutes

Good workout today. Now can’t wait for this evening when they announce the CrossFit Open 21.1 workout!!

Have a good day everyone!!

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