End of Another CrossFit Week

Ok, this week went slow but for some reason – the morning CrossFit seemed to go fast. Weird, yes I know.

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
0:30 inchworm + push-up
0:30 cossack squats
30ft/30ft banded monster walk variation
25 band pull aparts
0:30 squat with hand reaches

Skill & Build Up
Handstand Push-up Prep
0:30 single arm plank to wall press
0:30 planked wall press
0:20 handstand hold back to wall
5 piked handstand push-ups (from box)
3-5 handstand push-ups (piked from box)

Power Clean Progression (clean deadlift focus)
*with barbell
3 clean deadlift to mid-thigh
3 clean deadlift to shrug
3 muscle clean
3 “lands” in power position
3 power clean

Build Up
3 rounds (45lbs)
3 power cleans
3 back squats
*practice handstand push-ups as needed

CrossFit 906 10 year Anniversary Workout (20:00)
For Time
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 (45 lbs)
Unbroken power cleans (135lb/95lbs)

Immediately into
10 rounds
5 handstand push-ups (3 each round – 5 rounds from box, 5 rounds pike push ups)
10 back squats (95lbs/65lbs) (45 lbs)
*no racks are used for the back squats

Congratulations to CrossFit 906 on their 10 year anniversary! This initial part of the workout is an ascending ladder of unbroken power cleans at a moderately heavyweight. Athletes must put the bar down after the designated number of reps. The ascending ladder format starts off easy but tends to feel very difficult on the ladder rounds as reps accumulate. The ladder should not exceed 6:00. After finishing the ascending ladder, athletes will strip the weight for the back squats and start the 10 round burner. A great goal is for athletes to be completed with entire workout in under 15:00, while all athletes should strive for completion n under 22:00-25:00.

There are many variations to things today so read the general list.

This workout was EXTREMELY challenging! I didn’t think I would even finish but I did.
Guess I’m glad it’s the weekend, my body needs a rest.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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