Thursday CrossFit

Wow, I can’t believe that today is 1 year since Victoria made me go to CrossFit Timoro.
It’s hard to believe it has been that long and I am still doing this!
I’ve learned so much and it’s amazing what I can do now compared to when I began. I couldn’t even jump rope then let alone lift any type of weight!

What will we do today?

General Warm Up
Dynamic Mobility
10 rollover v-sit
10/10 lying leg crossovers
10/10 dynamic hamstrings
5/5 sprinter hammy to Samson stretch
10/10 scorpions
5/5 kneeling shoulder taps
5/5 dynamic calf stretch
10 bootstrappers

3 sets
150m row
*keep focus on technique and increase the pace over the course of the 3 sets

5 sets
500m row
rest as needed between efforts
*during rest periods perform a couch stretch, pigeon stretch, or hamstring stretch for 0:45-1:00 per side.
*compare to 12/1/16, 11/29/18, 4/3/19 and 1/2/20
I was able to keep each set between 2:08-2:17.
It was tough, but I did it!

Cool Down
2 rounds
20 hollow rocks
0:30-0:40 hollow hang

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