Monday CrossFit

Another week. It’s hard to believe how fast time seems to go these days. How did it get to be the middle of December already?

Back to the gym again today, who will be there?
Well….not too many about 8 of us.

General Warm Up
2 rounds
10 high knees
10 butt kickers
0:30/0:30 side plank to reach through
5 inchworms + 1 push up and 2 squats

Skill and Build Up
Thruster Progression
with empty barbell
7 front squat
7 push press
7 thruster

Build Up
5 thrusters, light weight (no weight)
5 no push-ups burpees
100m run (150 m row)
3 thrusters, moderate weight (added 5lb = 45lbs)
5 burpees
100m run (150m row)
3 thrusters with workout weight or slightly lower than workout weight (45lbs)

Workout (30:00)
10 rounds for time
200m run (250m row)
10 burpees (I did 7 each round)
5 thrusters (45lbs)

At the end of the 30 mins. I had just finished my 9th row. This was pretty tough for me today.
But at least I did a lot of the workout today.

Cool Down
1:30/1:30 barbell quad roll

Good workout to begin the week. Have a good day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.

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