CrossFit Wednesday – Halfway There

Weeks seem to fly by these days. Can’t believe we are already on Wednesday.

General Warm-Up
Dynamic Mobility Set 2
10 rollover v sits
20 lying leg crossovers
10/10 dynamic hamstring
5/5 sprinter hammy to samson stretch, hold each for 0:03
20 scorpions
20 kneeling shoulder taps
10 boot strappers, hold for 0:01-0:02 at each position

Skill and Build Up
Deadlift Progression (3 step)
*with empty barbell (35lb bar)
5 from top, to knees and stand
5 from top, to knees, to shins, to knees, and stand
5 deadlift

Build Up
Set timer for 12:00 and build up doing sets of 3-5 deadlifts

Strength and Power
3:00 for 15:00 (5 sets)
5 deadlifts
go heavy

We did this with a partner, I was with Reanna. Ok, she’s a pusher. She doesn’t really give you an option, she just tells you this is what you are doing. I was a bit shocked when she thought I could do 45lb plates to start with…what??? The most I’ve ever done before is 45lbs total. You think I’m going to lift 125lbs to start with??? She was like yes, you’ll be fine.
Yep, she was right…I could do that.
Then she added 10lb plates. What?? Are you sure? She was like, yes you just did the other one fine.
Yep, she was right…I could do that.
She said, see you just had 100 lb PR.
Round 3 = total 150 lbs
Round 4 = total 150 lbs
Round 5 = total 165 lbs
I can’t believe I can actually deadlift that much.
Ok…I guess Reanna is the one I need for a partner…she just pushes without giving options. Sometimes it’s good to have someone do that for you.

Accessory Work
3 rounds
20/20 single arm staggered stance dumbbell row (25lb)
30 Russian twists (14 lb wall ball)

See you tomorrow!

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