Thursday CrossFitting

Someday I’ll get creative with my titles but for now I’m good just knowing what day of the week it is 🙂

General Warm-Up
1:00/1:00 heel-toe hamstring stretch
1:00/1:00 couch stretch

“Modified Hinshaw Running Warm-up”
10 yds over the hurdle
10 yds knee to chest
10 yds figure 4
10 yds walking samson stretch
10 yds toy soldiers
0:30 sitting arm swings
0:30 standing arm swings
10 yds toes out walk
10 yds toes in walk
10 yds walk on heels
10 yds walk on toes
10 yds walk on outside of feet
10 yds walk on inside of feet

Running Prep
3 rounds
15m skip rope jog
15 m single under hops
0:30 rest
400m run (air bike .75 miles)

Strength & Power
workout for time
1 mile run (air bike 3 miles – 8:47)

1:00/1:00 pigeon stretch
1:00/1:00 standing calf stretch

5 rounds not for time
0:10/0:10 single arm high plank
0:10 rest
10 single leg v-ups, alternating
1:00 rest

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