CrossFit Tuesday – October 13

Cant’ believe it’s almost the middle of October. Wow, where did this year go?

Back to the gym with another great group of people to workout with so early in the morning.

General Warm-Up
2:00 jump rope (switch variations every 0:30)
1:00 stretch
20 pvc pass throughs
0:30/0:30 Samson stretch

Skill and Build Up
Push Press Progression
*with empty barbell (35 lb)
5 dip and hold
5 dip and drive slow
5 dip and drive fast
7 push press

Build Up
use rack
2 sets
5 push presses, increasing in load before starting 10:00 timer

Strength and Power
Push Press – weightlifting
3 sets x 3 rep max
empty barbell (45lb)
5 lb set (45lb + 10 = 55lbs)
10 lb set (45lb + 20 = 65lbs)
15 lb set (45lb + 30 = 75lbs)
Wow I can’t believe I did that much. I actually wouldn’t have but Reanna somehow decided how much I was going to do each time 🙂
Pretty sure this must have been a PR…

put equipment away
prep for box step-ups by doing:
10 single leg box step-ups (unloaded)
6 barbell box step-up (35lb bar)

For time 15:00 cap
70 push press (35lb bar)
60 barbell box step-ups (3 – 45 lb plates = 12″)
50 push press
40 barbell box step-ups
30 push press
20 barbell box step-ups
At the end of 15:00 I was not done but I thought I was dead! I did the 70, 60, 50, and 40.

What a crazy workout. That was HARD.

Now home, shower and off to work.

Have a great day!

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