CrossFit – Wednesday morning early

Again there were about 20 of us at the gym. It’s really nice to see these people again. Nice way to start the day.

General Warm-Up
“Chan Warm’Up”
8/8 spiderman lunges
10/10 lateral lunges
Inchworm + push-ups (5,4,3,2,1 push-ups)
10/10 windmills
10/10 arm circles, (forward, backward)
10/10 arm pretzels
10/10 shoulder rolls (forward, backward)
10/10 wrist circles

Skill and Build-Up
Snatch Prep (with empty barbell = 35lb bar)
2 rounds
hang snatch high pulls
hang muscle snatch
hang power snatch
power snatch
*do 5 reps on round 1 and 3 reps on round 2

Build Up
3 power snatch, light (+2.5lb weights = 40lbs)
100m run, easy (bike 200 m)
3 power snatch, light-medium (+7.5 weights = 50 lbs)
100m run, moderate (bike 200m)
3 power snatch, workout weight (+5 lb weights = 45 lbs)
100m run, hard (bike 200m)

Workout, Part 1
Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 rounds)
10 power snatch (135/95) (45 lbs)
200m run (300m bike)
was able to rest for just over a minute each round

Allow athletes -3:00 to recovery from part 1
Demonstrate and briefly explain the barbell row
Athletes can perform 1-2 warm-up sets of 5 barbell rows

Upper Body Horizontal Pulling Accessory Training
8 rounds
0:20 barbell row (95/65) (used 20lb dumbbells – 15, 11, 9, 8, 8, 6, 7, 5)
0:10 rest

Another great day at the gym.

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