Tuesday CrossFit

Will be great to see how many will be at the gym today?
There were 17 today.
This group is so good!

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
0:30 jumping jacks
0:30 clap jacks
0:30 mountain climbers
10/10 quadruped rotations
10 cossack squats
20/20 single leg glute bridges
(Ok, this warm-up felt like it should have been the work out today. For some reason, it was exhausting and my legs hurt quite a bit after this was done.)

Skill and Build-Up
Front squat prep
*with empty bar
0:30 front rack “in and outs”
10 paused front squat, 0:03 pause (35 lb bar – it got too heavy and I ended up switching to a 15 lb set of dumbbells)
5 front squats

5 front squats, lightweight (15 lb set of dumbbells)
5 box jumps, low heights (2- 45lb plates stacked = 8″ and I ACTUALLY jumped – we were NOT to do box step-ups – I actually thought I might be able to add one more but decided not to because I wanted to get in the corect number of reps so didn’t want to make it too challenging.)
5 front squats, medium weight
5 box jumps, medium height
3 front squats, intended workout weight
3 box jumps, intended workout height

21-15-9 rep rounds for time (6:26)
Box jump (30/24) (8″ – actually jumps)
Front squat (155/105) (15lb db set)

L-Sit Core Accessory Work
8 rounds
0:10 L-sit
0:20 rest
Ok, this was pretty cool. We used the rig and you are supposed to hang on the bar and then pull your legs up and put straight out in front of you (L-shape)
When I was last in the gym and using the pull-up rig, I could hang for about 5 secs but there was no way I could pull up my legs.
Well, today I could hang on the bar and pull my legs up off the floor and hang for like 6 or 7 secs. That was pretty good. I had to keep my eyes closed and really focus but it worked. At least I tried all 8 rounds and did something 🙂

Now for the dumbest thing…during the workout I took my glasses off and put them in the inside pocket of my jacket. Or, I thought I did?? I got home went to get my glasses out and they were gone! So, then thought I must have put them in the coat hanging beside mine. Nope, the owner didn’t find them. So, now I’m wondering if they some how fell out of my coat when I left and have probably by now been run over… oh well. I found an old pair of glasses that will do but I would really like to find my normal ones…..

Have a great day everyone!!

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