Night Before CrossFit

Ok, something is SERIOUSLY wrong with me! How in the world is a fat fifty year old excited to be going to the gym??? Why not??…after all it is 2020…crazy, weird stuff happens these days!

But I have to say that I feel like a kid on Christmas eve! Can’t wait for the alarm to go off at 4:45, can’t wait to get to the gym, can’t wait to see everyone, can’t sleep cause I am too excited!!

Ok i have to put this down and seriously make myself go to sleep so I can get up and actually be able to do something when I get to the gym!

I so appreciate all Matt and Alicia have done the last six months! I feel like I still got a great workout everyday! and special thanks to Matt who was always there pushing and encouraging me to do more – even though he was only observing through the computer screen.

ok enough… going to bed so I cam hurry and get to the gym!!

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