Day 135 – Back in the Gym

Oh my heavens, I can’t believe we are FINALLY allowed back in the gym.
Yes, I’m nervous about this because I really don’t know how I am going to be able to breathe??

Absolutely NOTHING to worry about!! It was so GREAT to see everyone!
I have been reporting since March who all was there working out – but today….there were way too many to count (actually I did try to count and I think there were 27). It was awesome!

General Warm-Up
2 Rounds
1:30 row (bike)
1:30 jump rope

20/20 leg swings
20/20 lateral leg swings
5 inchworm
0:30/0:30 samson stretch

Skill and Build Up
bulgarian Split Squat Prep (empty barbell – 35 lbs)
5/5 split squats
5/5 lunges, body weight
5/5 front rack cossack squats
5/5 front rack reverse lunges, empty barbell
5/5 bulgarian split squat, unloaded
5/5 front rack bulgarian split squat, empty barbell

Build Up
2 sets
5/5 front rack bulgarian split squats

Strength & Power
for weight (barbell 35 lbs + 2×2.5 weights = 40 lbs)
Front loaded barbell Bulgarian split squat
2 x 10 (did 5 per leg each round)

2 rounds (15 lb db)
5 Russian kettlebell swings
5/5 staggered stance kettlebell/dumbbell rows

Workout, part 2
for reps

7:00 AMRAP (7 rounds with 15 lb db)
14 Russian kettlebell swings
7/7 staggered stance kettlebell/dumbbell row

What a great morning at the gym! Now I feel like I can have a great
day! and I hope everyone else does too!

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